Dare to be DIFFerent in the city’s e-hailing services

KUALA LUMPUR — City dwellers in Kuala Lumpur knows that when it comes to traffic woes, it is one to dread especially during rush hour.

However, luckily for Malaysian taxi riders, DIFF Global Solutions Sdn Bhd (DIFF) – an e-hailing provider – has revolutionised the game.

It said this was achieved through extensive research and information gathering.

By offering the lowest rates in town and 100 percent earnings to their drivers, DIFF, which currently serves the Klang Valley aims to keep it simple.

The flat rates mean no overriding and unnecessary percentages charged that affects both the driver and passenger.

DIFF managing director, Adrian Ron, 39, said since its establishment in November the company is gaining traction.

“We have the support of over 2,000 individuals from all over Klang Valley.

“What we seek to achieve is to be an industry leader by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability,” Adrian said.

DIFF has curated their business model by observing operations of similar businesses.

“We managed to gather enough information and data based on the positive and negative feedback from customers.”

He added that from their research, they have identified the grouses by both passengers and drivers.

“Passengers were unhappy with the fares from other companies.

“There is also drivers frustration with a large portion of their earnings lost in remittances to the respective companies,” he said.

So what makes DIFF different than the rest in this aspect?

Drivers can rejoice with current promotions which includes a 30-day driver package with a flat rate as low as RM2 service fee with full access to DIFF’s customer base.

Adrian said that the usual charge for the daily fee is RM5 and the promotion is one to grab.

“We also offer free credits for drivers who refers new drivers and earn 150 extra credits with the DIFF vehicle sticker wrap,” he said.

Adrian said customer satisfaction and driver excellence was key. “DIFF offers passengers the lowest rates without compromising on safety and comfort of our customers.”

He said all cars registered with DIFF are of the highest quality, undergoing inspection while driver vetting is stringent.

“Currently DIFF offers passengers two main services — DIFF 4 which is the sedan segment and is suitable for up to four passengers while our DIFF 6 is the multi-purpose vehicle segment which can ferry up to 6 people with comfort,” Adrian said.

In under six months, DIFF already eyes expansion in the market.

Adrian said various ideas are already in the pipeline and DIFF is currently focussing on building their strong base.

He said DIFF will soon introduce a women-driven project catering to the needs of stay-at-home mothers.

“They want a flexible earning capacity.

“With our network reaching out to over 2,000 people, we want to capture more customers and drivers who will grow with us.”

The team behind DIFF has various individuals from an array of backgrounds teaming-up to raise the bar.

With over 18 years of experience in the information technology sector, Adrian handles project management.

A team of specialists in various fields handles the operational part of the business.

“We have a workforce of 20. We have all the works from public relations,  to top-notch marketing managers — the best of the best.”

DIFF’s mobile e-hailing application is available for download on Google Play.

It is not available for iOS applications and online payment gateway.

Ushar Daniele can be reached by email: ushar.daniele@gmail.com

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