Mauritius tourism gets boost after Maldives chaos: Honeymooners weary of political troubles

Mauritius could get the most from Maldives state of emergency as tourists become weary of traveling to the politically charged nation.

News reports are saying travel plans to the archipelago is in a state of hold, as people are going haywire after the state of emergency was declared.

Couples are now exploring destinations in other southeast Asian and African region for their honeymoon. They do not want to get mixed-up in the political turmoil created by the emergency status, and they are thinking of the stable shores of Mauritius or Bali, Indonesia for that matter.

The government of India has issued a travel warning and this may impact future bookings of honeymooners from India, reports said yesterday.

“It is difficult to re-book another destination immediately for those who have already booked for Male. Phuket, Langkawi are all full. However, for future bookings people are looking at Seychelles, Mauritius, Phuket and Langkawi because they offer experiences similar to Maldives,” said a tourist agency in Indi, according to the Times of India.

The report said people who are looking for upmarket destinations other than Maldives would now look to Mauritius and Bali or Seychelles.

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