Electric cars: Always start the journey with a full battery

Always start a journey in an electric car with a full battery or fall victim of a rookie mistake, says this driver who was at the mercy of a lithium battery.

The story from Independent UK says the electric vehicle rookie driver Tom Richell started a 300 miles journey without a full battery. He says this is a rookie mistake.

The driver says the first hurdle to overcome is the battery range available. He calculated that with a 300 miles journey, and driving a  Volkswagen e-Golf, he only need to make one stop on the journey.

The 3-Golf advertised range is 180 miles with a full battery.

The Priorities

Download a number of apps. This is what an Electric Vehicle owner needs to do.

Most charging points in the UK for example (where he drove the car) require mobile payment. They are not free.

He downloaded Ecotricity’s ‘Electric Highway’, ChargePoint, ZapMap, PodPoint, Polar, Source London and Charge Your Car.

“Each required individual account set up, card details, other personal information and EV information. Some require a monthly subscription payment plan… No thanks,” he wrote.

He was told most of the charging stations don’t work, leading drivers to experience “battery anxiety” whenever they set off on a long journey.

“For the journey down, the intention was to stop twice – at Bristol and Exeter. That quickly went out the window because we started without a full battery: rookie mistake.”

There are several downsides in the whole eco-system in place for EV owners.

Some stations only charge for 45 minutes, they only offer one type of each connector, the apps do not always work and charging may suddenly cut-off. You will probably get a notification by email and if you are not a mobile phone buff, you not know if your car is charging.

Not For Mass Usage

If several people are driving the same car – you can expect quite some queue and delays in your journey.

If you are stuck on a busy highway, it can be very frustrating for an EV owner.

Once you get the road freed for a smooth drive you will realise you need to go to the next charging point. Unlike humans, EV does not have small bladder but batteries will need an hour of charging.

Surprise, surprise. The battery range of the e-Golf dropped from 130 to 100 miles in what seemed like no more than 15 minutes drive. This is unlike modern fuel cars.

A Nissan Teana will conserve fuel during smooth drives and burn more during traffic congestions. Unless you keep shifting gear from Drive to Neutral and Drive, pressing on the brakes during those nasty jams.

But relax, for use as a day-to-day vehicle, an electric car is fantastic, says Mr Richell.

He says a single charge could easily last for four to five days for the short distance drives.

Another aspect of EV ownership: Using a standard 3-pin plug isn’t fast, it can take anywhere between 12-17 hours dependent on the car.

You can have a 7kw charger installed at your home for about £1,000, and government grants are available.


“Don’t use the air conditioning” and “drive slowly” or “don’t think of heated seats”. These are the drawbacks for EV’s.

But the long journey was still a good three more than the petrol alternative.

The lack of charging stations and options at these stations is another drawback.

If you do some “serious eco-driving” on the highways, you can conserve energy. This means a slower drive, indeed.

Most EV drivers in the UK hire a fuel car for their long journeys. Ridiculous. Because at the price you pay for the EV’s, you have to make a lot of sacrifices in the end.

The real value is in saving the environment and the current EV drivers are the heroes.

Road rage video in Hyde Park: Woman crushed between two cars

Rihana: Sultan is a good Muslim

Lashing at the media, the Russian model Rihana Oksana says Muhammad V is a good Muslim.

Writing in Malay or Bahasa Malaysia, she says, “My husband is a good Muslim. He will not take such an action (divorce) without my knowledge.”

“I asked myself, what is happening really and what’s the ‘trash’ the media is saying to sensationalize the news?”

The post suggests Rihana Petra as she calls herself on her official Instagram account, is ignoring the news reports.

She says when news the divorce broke out she was in Russia, at home with the baby Leon.

<<I did not get any sepina or Court letters>> Rihana

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Saya tertanya-tanya, apa sebenanya yang sedang berlaku dan ‘sampah’ apa yang ditulis oleh media bagi mensensasikan berita. Pertamanya ketika mendapat tahu mengenai berita perceraian itu, saya dan Leon berada di rumah kami di Rusia. Saya tak menerima sebarang sepina atau surat mahkamah. Keduanya, suami saya seorang Muslim yang baik, dia tidak akan membuat tindakan sedemikian tanpa pengetahuan saya. Undang-undang Islam menyeru untuk melindungi wanita. Seseorang wanita mempunyai hak, dan seperti manusia biasa, walaupun berada di luar negara, dia perlu mempertahankan kedudukannya agar menjadi contoh kepada wanita lain yang berada dalam keadaan serupa. Artikel-artikel terbaru yang disiarkan oleh media adalah tidak sah. Saya tidak akan tunduk kepada provokasi dan kekal berniat untuk mempertahankan maruah keluarga saya. Berdiam diri membawa maksud saya mengiyakan kebohongan. Anak, keluarga dan seluruh dunia sedang melihat saya, dan saya tak berhak untuk mengalah.

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The ex-model calls the Kelantan royal <<My Husband>>, saying he is a good Muslim.

“Islamic laws call for women’s protection. Women have rights. Like any other ordinary people, she also has rights outside her country. She has to fight for her standing (in society) to become an example to other women in similar circumstances.”

<<My son, my family and the entire world is watching me and I cannot fail.>>


The recent articles published in the media, she says, is not the official version of facts, does not depict the ‘real’ situation.

Defiant, she says, “I will not bend with these provocations and will defend the dignity of my family.”

She also says if she remains silent, it will mean she is supportive of the lies.

On 17th July, her lawyers say there are no divorce papers forwarded to Rihana, and she is still married to Muhammad V.

In earlier posts on Instagram, she says Malaysians are cool for accepting her as a member of the Kelantan family.

The beauty queen did not directly address claims by British media on her son’s fatherhood.

The Sultan, according to UK papers, claims the son is not his.

Is it harmful to be a minister and to serve lobsters at lavish dinners?

The French are hypocrites about money, the soccer star Nicolas Anelka once said after his fellow citizens criticized his love of expensive sports cars, writes Bloomberg.

The Emmanuel Macron’s administration is hit with the resignation of its energy minister Francois de Rugy over lobster dinners.

The ex-minister of energy got the backlash of an independent media outlet that published a series of articles on his alleged lavish lifestyle behind closed door when he was heading the lower chamber of parliament.

He was serving lobster dinners and $550 bottles of wine at taxpayer expense to guests, the portal says, adding that he was doing this while making a public virtue of his zeal for transparency and belt-tightening.

But the minister protested that he was allergic to crustaceans and that champagne gave him a headache, but he insisted that dinners at France’s National Assembly had certain standards and customs to maintain.

Bloomberg says France had its share of champagne socialists (or gauche caviar) in the past; the former budget minister Jerome Cahuzac had a secret Swiss bank account. “De Rugy surely must be the first lobster ecologist, though,” it says.

<<Investigative website Mediapart describes de Rugy and his wife, a journalist at celebrity magazine Gala, as – living like royals on public funds – >>

It says they invited friends to “sumptuous receptions” in the Hôtel de Lassay, the official residence of the National Assembly president, or parliament speaker.

Mediapart claimed there were more than 10 dinners of this kind held between October 2017 and June 2018 where the staff served bottles of vintage wines and champagnes taken from parliamentary cellars to guests who were mainly personal friends of the couple.

The problem is not new in France but with a booming economy with the number of billionaires rising in the country, people are questioning whether politicians should spend taxpayer money that way.

Rich French people calls the questions a form of ‘hypocrisy among the French’ where one cannot show how much money they have and this includes football players who decided to play outside France.

World renown actor, Gerard Depardieu got entangled with the French tax authorities. France is a country with high taxes and it is unpardonable.

To circumvent the official interest in his financial success, Depardieu decided to take up the Russian citizenship which was heartily and personally granted to him by Vladimir Putin.

Heart-breaking video of Rihana, ex-wife of Sultan of Kelantan

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Rihana Oksana former Russian beauty pageant contestant and now ex-wife of Sultan of Kelantan Muhammad V posted a heartbreaking video on her Instagram account.

In the video, the ex-wife is in sitting in total comfort with the Sultan with the couple interacting with each other. The video was posted 4 days ago, on July 18, after news of her divorce went public.

At one point in the video, she makes a statement that she all she wants is to be the last person in his life and to take care of him.

In what appears to be an interview of the couple, the Sultan says,

<<Everybody says says love, love yeah but after 20 years of union patience takes over the love>>

Instagram users are saying it looks like the ex-princess is depressed and posted the video.

On July 6, she posted the part 2 of her acquaintance with the Sultan.

She says the Sultan and she kept in touch with daily phone calls but things were also difficult at that stage with her modelling career coming in between.

She was offered a contract in New York and she was invited to visit Malaysia which she did and was impressed with the country.

<<When I look at my baby, I am very happy that I made the right choice at the time>>

It is during a romantic dinner that the Sultan confessed he had fallen in love with her.

In an earlier post, she said she was introduced to the Sultan who told her he was the ‘King of Malaysia’ to which she responded she was a ‘Queen”, not knowing she will marry a royal one day.

She also wrote that she moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2017, got married in June 2018 and gave birth to a child in 2019.

“Our son Ismail Leon, Inshallah the Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Kelantan, and Inshallah, the future King of Malaysia.

After denials and uncertainties, it is now confirmed that Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V, 50, and Rihana Oksana, 26 are divorced.

The divorce has been confirmed by the Sultan’s lawyer Koh Tien Hua, through the Singapore-based Eversheds Harry Elias LLP law firm.

Grace Kelly and Hermes’ sac a depeches!

Princess Grace Kelly was and still is well known in the world as a fashion icon and has at least two popular designs named under her.

Most notable item is the Hermes Kelly bag which was called << sac a depeches >>, and she famously used it to hide her pregnant bump from the paparazzi in 1956.

She even commissioned Gucci to create the iconic silk scarves, which was the Flora print in the 1960s as a gift to such a considerable person.

Today both items are considered as the most iconic product for the brands associated to her, as they are still selling it today.

The Hermes Kelly bag is sold for about USD10,000 today, and when introduced it was estimated to be priced around £1000.

The Hermes Kelly bag was renamed as such in 1977, prior to that it was known as the << sac a depeches >> from the 1930s.

It was created to be a travel bag with ample spaces for high society women to carry their items as carry ons.

She has always been associated with high fashion. In a 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film called Rear Window, her character stated she was wearing a $1100 dress, which was a considerable amount of money for 1954, even in today’s standard just for a dress.

In another Alfred Hitchcock film, To Catch A Thief, the designers chose to use Hermes accessories for her character and it so happened the << sac a depeches >> was selected as her handbag and she instantly fell in love with it.

How many celebrities do we see today having their names on such lavish products?

Hence why Grace Kelly has been and always will still be considered as an icon for high end fashion.