Grace Kelly and Hermes’ sac a depeches!

Princess Grace Kelly was and still is well known in the world as a fashion icon and has at least two popular designs named under her.

Most notable item is the Hermes Kelly bag which was called << sac a depeches >>, and she famously used it to hide her pregnant bump from the paparazzi in 1956.

She even commissioned Gucci to create the iconic silk scarves, which was the Flora print in the 1960s as a gift to such a considerable person.

Today both items are considered as the most iconic product for the brands associated to her, as they are still selling it today.

The Hermes Kelly bag is sold for about USD10,000 today, and when introduced it was estimated to be priced around £1000.

The Hermes Kelly bag was renamed as such in 1977, prior to that it was known as the << sac a depeches >> from the 1930s.

It was created to be a travel bag with ample spaces for high society women to carry their items as carry ons.

She has always been associated with high fashion. In a 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film called Rear Window, her character stated she was wearing a $1100 dress, which was a considerable amount of money for 1954, even in today’s standard just for a dress.

In another Alfred Hitchcock film, To Catch A Thief, the designers chose to use Hermes accessories for her character and it so happened the << sac a depeches >> was selected as her handbag and she instantly fell in love with it.

How many celebrities do we see today having their names on such lavish products?

Hence why Grace Kelly has been and always will still be considered as an icon for high end fashion.