Five MP’s to cross over to Labour?

Share This: The latest info from Port Louis is that no less than 5 Members of the Parliament (MP) are in the process of crossing over from the government to the opposition party, the Labour Party. The news just came to WorldFutureTv that the five members are on their way out from the government coalition.  Among […]

Has the anti-Beef squad reached the shores of Mauritius?

Share This: The issue of cow and bull slaughter in Mauritius is taking a nasty turn, with the authorities imposing hurdles over hurdles to those who are buying the animals for slaughter during the Eid this weekend. The Eid will be celebrated on Friday (it is celebrated on Saturday in Mauritius), but the ‘Qurban’ will […]

PMSD: The party to watch in the next elections

Share This: The Party Mauricien Social Democrat (PMSD) had a long story associated with great moments of the country’s history and linked to many ills altogether. It is a historical political institution that has hitherto transformed the country’s politics since its inception. But today, it is bound to play an even bigger role in national politics. […]

Jeeha for PM puts MMM in leadership crisis

Share This: Jeeha on the extreme left in the picture with Uteem and Berenger The MMM this week saw a sudden leadership crisis emerge with Pradeep Jeeha’s bid to run as the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate in the next General Elections. And Jeeha is not alone in this bid, said a source to WorldFutureTv today, adding […]

Mega RM30b financial package put together for PLUS

Share This: A RM30 billion mega financial package is being put together by a group of middle-eastern bankers for tycoon and Maju Holdings group executive chairman Tan Sri Abu Sahid ahead of his bid for highway operator PLUS Malaysia Bhd. “A group of bankers from Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia met Abu Sahid a few […]

Samsung’s future at stake with heir conviction for bribery!

Share This: Samsung, the global electronic giant, is facing troubled times. The company’s heir Lee Jae-yong was convicted of bribery today in a South Korean court pushing the company to rethink its prospects, said The Journal today. The company will have a prolonged absence of leadership following this conviction, a situation that could impact the electronic […]