MSM cleaning the stable ahead of early polls: Soodhun out?

    The ruling Mouvement Socialist Militant (MSM) is cleaning its stable from unpopular and tainted figures in preparation for early polls, on the backdrop of a mega money laundering scandal. According to our latest count, the amount transacted could reach Rupees 9.56 billion, which is an astronomical amount. The MSM leader Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth […]

Mauritius Human rights agent linked to RS9.36 billion in Money Laundering?

The money laundering network in Mauritius goes deeper into other institutions that would be unsuspected of such illicit activities, said a source to, with at least US$280.2 million siphoned or Rupees 9.36 billion. The source, who wanted to remain incognito, said a high official of a human rights agency in Mauritius is one of […]

Another scandal hits MSM-ML: Swiss banks used in money laundering?

Did the Attorney General of Mauritius Ravi Yerrigadoo get directly or indirectly involved in a money laundering case that involved using Swiss banks for the cleansing of illicit earnings from an online gaming site, bet365? The attorney general of the island nation of Mauritius stepped down on Wednesday after allegations he had helped launder gambling […]

The rise of Islamic Turkey: Military actions on Myanmar?

A phenomenon that has been ignored by many, but the second biggest army in NATO is readying itself to play a bigger role in the global sphere. Here in the picture, Turkey’s self-imposed-President-with-powers (the president used to be powerless) Recep Erdogan is praying for Turkey’s rise as a global Muslim power. Next to him is […]