A desperate push to shore-up Hindu support?

Share This: The recent spate of communal violence involving the defacing of Hindu icons, the attacks on the media for a supposed ‘Hindu bashing’ and the lorry with ‘Hindus against Halal’ circulating in Mauritius are only signs of desperation from a failing power base. “The authorities are not able to take any actions against the rise of […]

Growing fear inquiry on drugs will have same fate as the Rault inquiry!

Share This: In the past, there has been cover-ups and all sorts of shenanigans to prevent the real reports on drugs (and horse racing fraud) to come out. In the late 1980’s two reports on a horse racing inquiry were drafted. The first report accused a then deputy PM of Mauritius of involvement in horse […]

High official’s boubou on the dangers of mercury a health hazard for Mauritians?

Share This: A high official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade is said to have failed in publicising a health hazard that may impact on the lives of many Mauritian citizens. According to the Ministry of Health website, Mercury is considered to be a dangerous pollutant and can cause serious damage to human […]

BUDGET 2018: Striking a delicate balance

Share This: BUDGET 2018 to be unveiled by the Prime Minister this morning would be one where the Malaysian Prime Minister would have to ensure there are bounties for all while keeping the promise of fiscal discipline. While the external factors impacting Malaysia have somewhat recovered, Najib Razak needs to drive domestic consumption and demand […]

mTouche forms joint steering committee for infotainment platform

Share This: mTouche Technology Berhad (“mTouche” stock code 0092) said it has formed a steering committee, made up of representatives from all parties involved in the Master Collaboration Partnership Agreement between Advance Platform Sdn Bhd (APSB) and Octa Gravity Co., Ltd (Octa) respectively. The collaboration is to develop and market a Digital Media and Infotainment Platform, which is a […]

Malaysia: Malay votes would determine election outcome

Share This: The broad consensus among Malaysians is that the Malay votes would be the determinant of the outcome of the impending general elections expected to be held before August 2018. Never has the Malay votes been so fragmented with different segments of the Malay populace having endeared themselves with political parties that would further […]

UPDATED: MP Benedin accused at drug inquiry?

Share This: ML leader Ivan Collendaveloo is said to be pondering on quitting the government anytime, says a source to WFTV, who mentioned a clash with PM Pravind Jugnauth on the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs. The arguments between the two party leaders were about the accusation against an ML MP, Toolsyraj Benydin, whose name […]