Reform Party to wreck havoc in next GE

The Reform Party headed by former Minister in the former MSM-ML-PMSD-OPR cabinet, Roshi Bhadain, will play the role of a third force and risk eating in the vote bank of the MMM-MSM and Labour-PMSD electorate. The only salvation for the four biggest parties in the country will come only if they follow a reform agenda of their own, […]

Mauritius is the prestigious “Best Shooting Destination” in film business

The Board of Investment of Mauritius said on its Linkedin page that Mauritius has won the prestigious award for the Best Film Shooting Destination of the Year.  It said the award has been conferred by the “International Film Business Award” during the 3rd edition of Indywood Film Carnival, a 4-day film fiesta, held at the world’s […]

Sterling bruised by Brexit uncertainty, Dollar shaky

The British Pound is weak and wobbly following disappointment that Prime Minister Theresa May was unable to secure a Brexit deal on Monday. Talks were brought to an abrupt halt after Northern Irish politicians threw a spanner in the works with their objections to border proposals. Although May is currently fighting hard to save the […]