Record results

Record results consolidate Maybank’s Asean position

Maybank today said it achieved record results for the financial year ended 31 December 2017 (FY17). Stronger revenue from all its business segments contributed to the results. Its key overseas markets also did well. Significantly lower impairment losses and better management of its assets, liabalities also contributed to the results. Maybank is the fourth largest […]


Malaysia-Today is safe in anti-fake news drive

Malaysia-Today will certainly feel safe with a lesser risk of a banishment from Malaysia’s internet regulators. In the anti-fake news drive, both social media postings and news portals will face banishment. The internet regulators usually ban sites that are politically sensitive to the Najib Razak regime. The Malaysia-Today site, once an opposition flagship became turn-coat […]

Labour roping Jeeha, Bodha?

The Jeeha, Bodha deal could become true for the Labour party. With fissures brewing inside the Labour Party, leader Navin Ramgoolam is on the look-out for new elements. The political spectrum may also see a major shift. It may result in the breaking of the MMM, the MSM and Labour. The PMSD is also going […]

Malaysia-Singapore stock market link to benefit retail investors

The Malaysia-Singapore stock market linking proposal is set to benefit retail investors, in particular, says DBS Group Research. “It has the potential to increase securities revenue for the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and generate interest, particularly among retail investors.” DBS Group said allowing investors to trade and settle shares in each other’s markets will be a […]

Singapore’s GST imposed on overseas vendors

Singapore’s GST will be imposed on foreign vendors in a new formula that imposes GST on imported services. However, the new goods and services tax formula on imported services will take effect in 2020. It was announced in the Budget 2018 by the Minister for Finance of Singapore, Mr Heng Swee Keat last week. “The […]

Turmoil MMM Labour

Turmoil in MMM and Labour rock Port Louis

Turmoil within the MMM and Labour party caught our attention today. The Labour Party, fresh from its December 2017 victory, has plunged into sudden confusion. On its part, the MMM has seen a lingering issue take an expected turn. The resignation of Pradeep Jeeha from the Policy Council and from other committees is good for […]

Psychotropic hot-spot: Mauritius pharmacies blamed!

Pharmacies in Mauritius are put into a psychotropic hot-spot by a report in a local newspaper, Le Dimanche/L’Hebdo. The story relates to the fight against the traffic of psychotropic drugs in pharmacies. The reaction from the authorities were immediate, said Eshan Dinally, the journalist who investigated the issue. WFTV asked Dinally how did his article […]

New Mercedes-Benz NZ Wheels Klang Autohaus launched

Klang, 26 Feb 2018 – Mercedes-Benz Malaysia together with authorised dealer, NZ Wheels, yesterday unveiled the Mercedes-Benz NZ Wheels Klang Autohaus.  Mercedes-Benz NZ Wheels Klang features the first separate facility for a Mercedes-Benz Proven Exclusivity centre in Malaysia. it is a dedicated space for customers to view and test drive an extensive range of certified […]

State firms to go bankrupt without secret bailout

State firms in Malaysia are not doing well. Thus government is pumping money to save them from bankruptcy. This is what a Straits Times Singapore article suggested. These “off the books” bailouts are secret in nature. On the other hand, these transactions are less transparent in the national Budget statements. In other words, there are […]