Polygamy video shows Malay women proud to be second or third wife

Share This: A polygamy video shows Malay women talking about their choice, accompanied by their husband and the first or second wives. The brief video of unknown origin is circulating on Whatsapp in Malaysia. The language spoken in the video sounds pretty much like Bahasa Malaysia, and the buildings show in the clip looks like […]

Heat is on: IF US$280m to Mauritius did not go through Swiss banks, then who is behind this?

Share This: In an inquiry to the Swiss Attorney General’s office, WFTV was told the Swiss authorities had no ‘current’ interest in looking into the US$280 million that were pocketed by Mauritian and foreign citizens last year. “The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland is currently not concerned with this topic.” It was signed […]

MPI Generali digital transformation brings positive disruption

Share This: KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Feb – MPI Generali Insurance Berhad will see a significant advancement in its digital services and offerings with its current collaboration with tech solutions partner Kofax. Recently, MPI Generali signed an MOU with Kofax to adopt the latter’s Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solutions to further […]

Cisco’s Umbrella proactively stop threats before they happen: Dimension Data adopts the technology

Share This: Malaysia, 7 Feb – Dimension Data, the USD 8 billion global technology integrator and managed services provider, said it extended the company’s protection from ransomware, phishing attacks, bot networks, and all types of malicious software, with Cisco Umbrella, the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) in the cloud. The decision to incorporate Cisco […]

MH370: Search ship turns off automatic identification sparking riot on internet

Share This: The MH370 story took another ugly turn after the search ship Seabed Constructor abruptly turned off its Automatic Identification System (AIS), sparking a riot on social media. The ship Seabed Constructor, the Norwaygian ship commissioned by the US based Ocean Infinity suddenly went “dark” on tracking websites not long after it had completed […]