Property market could crash within 24-30 months: Buyers having no purchasing power

Share This: Yet another person is now telling a different version of the great economic boom story. This time it is real estate veteran Ernest Cheong who said that Malaysians do not have the financial capacity to own homes with some failing to even pay their monthly instalments. “This could lead to a market crash,” […]

Netherlands to assist Penang in tackling flood problems with risk reduction team

Share This: The Netherlands will deploy a Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR) to Malaysia to assist the state of Penang with recommendations on flood prevention. The Netherlands is internationally recognized for its expertise in the field of flood prevention. H.E. Sigrid Kaag, the minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, today said […]

Millions behind you, Mahathir, says netizens after palace withdraws title

Share This: Supporters of the Bersatu party, the party of Mahathir Mohamad former PM of Malaysia and now leader of the opposition, has rallied behind the elderly statesman after the Kelantan palace revoked a title handed to the former PM years ago. The title, the Darjah Kerabat Al-Yunusi (DK) title was gifted to Mahathir in […]

Indonesia’s PT Semen Jawa works with health department to support students as ‘Sanitary Health Ambassadors’

Share This: Sukabumi, Feb 9, – PT Semen Jawa, as a subsidiary of SCG with 3 business units, cement-building materials, chemicals, and packaging, held a Health Ambassador drive at Pondok Pesantren (Ponpes) Al-Istiqomah, Sukabumi, West Java. The event was in collaboration with the Sukabumi District Health Office, and invited the students to gain practical knowledge […]

Najib spooked by close electoral race says portal

Share This: A defeat for Najib Razak and his party would almost certainly expose what has until now remained under cover on 1MDB, said The portal said such a prospect has spooked the Malaysian PM and the ruling party the Barisan Nasional (BN). “The PM and his ruling party appear spooked by the close […]