Apac has highest number of countries with severe collection complexity rating

Share This: Euler Hermes report on the process of debt collection in the Asia Pacific region shows a case of severe complexity rating. Three main factors were analyzed for the purpose of the report: local payment practices, local court proceedings and local insolvency proceedings. It therefore provides a simple assessment of debt collection proceedings in […]

Kellermann sues Hogg on Mauritius ponzi-scheme allegations

Share This: South African Cobus Kellermann has instituted legal action against BizNews editor Alec Hogg to claim damages for defamation following fraud allegations by Hogg, said 2oceansvibe.com. Kellermann, who Hogg alleges is a ‘mastermind’ behind a massive fraudulent enterprise, is claiming R5 million (Rand 5 million) for injury to “his name, reputation and standing”. Papers […]

Reminiscent of Ahmad Maslan meme, #Malaysiabest says Malaysia is better than the rest

Share This: In a list of things that are either cheaper or less stringent in Malaysia that is circulating in Malaysia, and which is reminiscent of the glorious days of Ahmad Maslan, here we present why Malaysia is the best. At least, this is according to the hashtag promoters #Malaysiabest. The list compares Malaysia’s GST […]

Barisan won 36% of votes in urban seats in 2013: In 2018, is it still king in rural areas?

Share This: In 2013, the results showed that the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) was king in the rural areas and in 2018, the situation has not changed dramatically according to some reports. But the opposition is telling a different story with former PM Mahathir Mohamad breaking into what were once exclusively Umno-BN territories. The opposition […]