EPF building fire sparks call for PM not to buy Boeing planes with pension fund!

Share This: With the EPF or KWSP building on fire in Petaling Jaya, Malaysians made funny comments, while some spoke of conspiracy theories. “EPF building on fire after delivering its hottest dividends ever. but the building had been destroyed a long time ago already,” said one Facebook user named Julian, and that was probably one […]

Johor looks set to be the swing state in GE14: Analysis

Share This: In a complex analysis of a survey carried out on the political noises in Singapore’s neighbour state of Johor on Social Media, it is possible to deduct the state could earn the ‘swing state’ status in the 14th General Elections in Malaysia. The report concluded with indications that former PM Mahathir Mohamad has […]

Maybank sees 30% rise in e-Ang Pow transactions

Share This: Maybank is anticipating a 30% rise in the number of e-Ang Pow transactions this Chinese New Year given the continued adoption of digital banking convenience among customers. Maybank Group Head of Community Financial Services, Datuk Lim Hong Tat said that this followed the encouraging response received over the past two years that the […]

Updated with Bomba statement: Fiery fire at EPF building at Jalan Gasing PJ video inside

Share This: These videos are circulating in WhatsApp and as in most cases, they do not have source or origins. Credit: WhatsApp Statement from the Bomba department. JENIS INSIDEN: KEBAKARAN BANGUNAN TARIKH/MASA TERIMA PANGGILAN : 13.02.2018 (1153) SAMPAI LOKASI : 1158 ALAMAT : BANGUNAN KWSP, 46598, JALAN GASING, 46598 PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR BALAI TERLIBAT: BBP […]

US pharma industry group says Malaysian action could cause harm to U.S. manufacturers

Share This: The U.S. Industry group PhRMA late last week urged the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to designate Malaysia among other countries as “Priority Foreign Countries,” – which could bring U.S. regulators to look pressure Kuala Lumpur on its ‘practices’. The report criticizes the Malaysian government for allowing a government use […]

Hannah Yeoh chides Malaysian cabinet on Mulyani’s ‘best minister’ title

Share This: Picture Credit: By Sebastiaan ter Burg from Utrecht, The Netherlands (CC BY-SA 2.0), via Wikimedia Commons The State Assembly member for N31 Subang Jaya since 2008, and Speaker of Selangor State Legislative Assembly in the state of Selangor, Hannah Yeoh chided Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s cabinet: On the Indonesian Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati […]