March 83: How hidden forces split the MMM

March 83 will remain a sad day in the glorious history of the MMM and an even sadder one for Mauritius. We saw how the U.S. could have played a hand in the dismissal of President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. We know how India has a heavy hand in the affairs of Mauritius. We also know how France […]

Berenger for President in MMM-MSM alliance

Talks between the MMM and the MSM are still on, despite denials from the MMM leadership. The latest we heard is the MSM’s offer to put MMM leader Paul Berenger as President after the next General Elections. The elections are not due until next year, but electoral alliances are the talk of the day in […]


Still no MH370 at the bottom of the Indian Ocean!

Still no MH370! Is this news fake? Or factual? The search team and the people responsible for the search operations should clarify this. No news is filtering out of the Seabed Constructor. The ultra-sophisticated ship that carries satellite vehicles can scan the equivalent of 140,000 football fields (1,000 sq km) in just 24 hours. While […]

AT Global Markets emphasizing education in their expansion into Malaysia.

Online trading services provider, AT Global Markets Malaysia (AT Malaysia) launched their first office in Johor Bahru on 24th March, following AT Global Markets latest entry in Southeast Asia after Taiwan and the Philippines. With a large number of trading platforms available, AT Malaysia has identified investor education as a means to distinguish themselves from their […]

Angolan Sovereign Fund

Mauritius offshore used to to move kickbacks from Angolan sovereign funds?

Key findings of an ICIJ report on Mauritius’ offshore banking show potential breaches in the Island’s financial services. The report says managers of Angola’s sovereign wealth fund used Mauritius to move millions of dollars. The Angolan fund is called Fundo Soberano de Angola, or FSDEA. The report also says these were fees and dividends, while […]

Severity against illegal hotel taxis or a strike is on hand!

The National Transport Authority (NTA) will have a strike on its hands if it fails in its crack-down on illegal hotel taxis. WFTV reported last month that Chinese citizens were abusing the situation. Nevertheless, there is a lack of enforcement and perceived corrupt practices in the industry. “They are driving around as illegal taxi operators,” […]

PAS is the party to watch!

The party to watch in Malaysia’s next General Elections is the Islamists PAS. They are capable of derailing the opposition’s plans in capturing Putrajaya and their manifesto indicates why.   There is little expectation of PAS itself performing well at the upcoming general election. To take just one example, Invoke Malaysia, a pollster, asserted this month that […]

The hidden hands of the US in Gurib-Fakim’s fall?

Hidden hands did play a big role in the downfall Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. Sources say the Americans, infuriated by Mauritius push for the return of Diego Garcia, divided the Mauritius government. In a move to weaken the Mauritian government, the U.S. played the divide and rule game. According to the source, the U.S. exerted pressure on […]

OCT 2014: FSC signed MoU with Angolans

October 2014, the Mauritius financial services commission signed a MoU with the Comissão do Mercado de Capitais, Angola. The deal underlines the importance of increasing international activity in the financial market. The MoU also deals with the corresponding need for mutual cooperation and consultation among financial regulators. This is to ensure compliance with, and enforcement of, their financial laws […]