Gokhool President

Gokhool President? But Gurib-Fakim challenges reports

Dharam Gokhool for President? He is favourite to become the next President of Mauritius, says our correspondent in New Delhi. This in the event Mrs Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the sitting President, were to proceed with a resignation bid. Gokhool has a long political background and is ex-Minister of Education (2005-08). He was one of those chosen […]


Ghurib Fakim to submit resignation soon

Gurib-Fakim mulls quitting as President of Mauritius, says a source to WFTV. The news come in the wake of a motion of no confidence by Labour MP Shakeel Mohamed. The Parliament is to debate the issue illico-presto. The ganging-up of opposition parties against her on the motion of no confidence is adding pressure for her […]