MAURITIUS: Millions of petrodollars to shut down criminal cases and buy MPs?

Share This: We all know that Mauritius is a tiny, vulnerable and dependent country. But recent events on the Island suggests a dark future for its population involving petrodollars, corrupt legislators and indeed the media that are at daggers drawn. It reminds us of the book entitled ‘Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal […]

Ring the bells as ringgit turns 60 but digital is its future!

Share This: THE nation is not the only one that turned 60 this year. The local currency, the Malaysian ringgit, turned 60 too and it did so in style, hailed by both foreign and local analysts as the strongest major Asian currency to date. These analysts and economists are of the view that rising business […]

Il était une fois, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth – un retour désastreux à la politique

Share This: Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, prétendu père du renouveau économique de L’ile Maurice dans les années 1980-90, a pratiquement échoué dans sa tentative de répéter son exploit précédent. Et cet échec est maintenant lié à une série de malheurs qui ont atténué sa réputation et mis en danger l’avenir de sa famille dans l’enjeu politique. […]

Money Laundering: The Swiss Connection

Share This: There are now indications that multiple Swiss bank visits aided in Bet365 money laundering case. The Bet365 affair is making the headlines, not only in Mauritius but also among Swiss prosecutors from the Swiss Attorney General office (OAG). The OAG in an email correspondence to WorldFutureTv said they will revert on the matter […]

End of Communism in China: A question of perception

Share This: The statement: “The end of communism in China will have massive global repercussions” is indeed a fascinating one. It boils down to the question: Can we expect a major shift in the balance of world forces, that currently steer world affairs? This is indeed a grievous and perhaps even more imminent issue, than […]