Malaysia: Malay votes would determine election outcome

Share This: The broad consensus among Malaysians is that the Malay votes would be the determinant of the outcome of the impending general elections expected to be held before August 2018. Never has the Malay votes been so fragmented with different segments of the Malay populace having endeared themselves with political parties that would further […]

Panic rips across political parties in Mauritius

Share This: A sense of panic has gripped most political formations in Mauritius after the publication of a survey on the political sentiments in the country. Only a day after the publication of the survey by, an online news portal, at least two political parties debated the results of the survey. While the Labour […]

My first failed Dotcom adventure

Share This: It’s history but it’s worth mentioning:  In the year 2000, I started a portal that was called Warisanmelayu. The idea behind it was as follows: 1. Get the Malaysian Muslim community to have a great website where they can connect. 2. They would have individual look and feel when they log in to […]

Why is Europe the sick man of the century?

Share This: And what can be the solutions that European leaders could bring forward to salvage a union that made history when it was formed decades ago? We are not going to delve into the what went wrong with the EU in the course of its history, a long history for any form of union […]

Stopping at nothing to halt Arab money

Share This: A recent spate of violence in the country, with gangs and rivals taking revenge for attacks on religious sites, is upsetting the country where all religions live together peacefully, side-by-side.   The sporadic violence could be the beginning of the end of an era in Mauritius. A sudden population shift could be the […]

Transitional (in)justice in Sri Lanka?

Share This: After years of international pressure, the Sri Lankan government is finally setting up a transitional justice framework on justice, peace and accountability. The newly established transitional justice apparatus by the new Sri Lankan government is gaining momentum in the post-war context on addressing the human rights violations that took place during the 26-year long civil war. […]

Tamil Nadu in state of power vacuum

Share This: With J Jayalalithaa’s passing away, there is no immediate successor to replace the former leader. The passing away of Indian politician and Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa is set to turn politics fluid in the state. The governing political party, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), is struggling to find a successor for the […]