Is Soodhun mulling new party?

Share This: The former no 4 in the Pravind Jugnauth government Shaukatally Soodhun is said to be mulling the creation of a party that will join the opposition following his nocturnal rally today. A source told WFTV that Soodhun, disgruntled after his forced resignation and thinking that he has sufficient support among the public – […]

Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo and Prem Koonjoo unhappy?

Share This: Is there a split at the top of the MSM leadership? Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo and Prem Koonjoo are rumoured as two ministers who are not in favour of the nomination of ex-minister for Gender Equality Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo, as vice-Prime Minister. The cabinet reshuffle came after the almost sacking of ex-Minister of Land and Housing Shaukatally Soodhun, who also […]

Soodhun and Jugnauth clashed before resignation

Share This: Sources told WFTV that the ex-Deputy Prime Minister Shaukatally Soodhun clashed with Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth before he finally submitted his resignation. The ex-minister refused to quit on the basis of the video recording that tarnished his image further, but sources said the PM was doggedly determined to let go of his lieutenant, […]

Faltering exports, slowdown in investment to plague Mauritius economy

Share This: Weaker exports, falling investment and the revisions to Mauritius’ tax treaty with India will all play into a harsher economic environment for the paradise island run by the unpopular MSM-ML-OPR regime. This comes on the back of the Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth’s claims that the economy is doing fine due to the […]

The Xavier effect: Did Yogi meet PMSD leader as part of New Delhi’s wish list?

Share This: The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister visit to Mauritius went down as a bad publicity for the MSM-ML-OPR regime, one which swiftly culminated in the fall of Shaukatally Soodhun as deputy Prime Minister. But in the mist of the cacophony raised by Yogi Adityanath’s visit, one political leader stole the limelight. Yogi, says our […]

China’s gradient to be a super-power steep

Share This: The topic of China’s rise in the world‘s political and economic stage has raised questions as to whether it will replace the US as the next world superpower. This reality became more pronounced after Donald Trump signed the executive order withdrawing from Trans-Pacific partnership leading to the belief that this would pave the way […]

MSM regional No18 backing MMM candidate?

Share This: The MSM has missed out on a golden 9pportunity to prove that it is still the number one party in Mauritius by skipping on the by-elections at No18. However, it intends to play a major part in the elections by remaining in the shadows, purportedly supporting the MMM candidate. A message said to be […]