Pay-TV providers facing a perfect storm

Pay-TV providers in the Asia-Pacific region are seeing significant challenges from content piracy and low-cost OTT services – a perfect storm that is rocking their business model. To fight back, they need to have a transformation plan that will be driven by innovation and the development of new business models. Operators are now looking at […]

Kazi Mahmood: Influencers are the Future of News

This is an interview of founder Kazi Mahmood by a Public Relations agency in Malaysia, the Supernewsroom. This week, we have a quick chat with Kazi Mahmood – Business Editor at the Malay Mail. During his career span as a journalist, Kazi was previously News Editor at the Malay Reserve, Chief Editor at OIC […]

Bahrain: Fintech startups get landmark regulatory sandbox boost

  The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has launched a regulatory sandbox allowing tartups and fintech firms to test and experiment their banking ideas and solutions. The regulatory sandbox provides an opportunity for fintech businesses around the world to expand and thrive in the Gulf and strengthens Bahrain’s position as a fintech and financial services hub in the Gulf […]

Should millennials buy or not buy a house?

There is a trend in many developed countries where Millennials (born between 1980 and 2005) are not house owners, but made up 19% of households (in the US). A report released by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies said less than 10 percent of homeowners came from the Millennial bracket in 2015. While millennials might be […]

Samsung launches holiday campaign with Galaxy A Series

Samsung yesterday launched a holiday campaign for its Galaxy A Series buyers, hoping it will boost its sales in Malaysia. The company said the campaign is part of its ongoing efforts to inspire young Malaysians to seize the opportunity and “live unplanned”. The campaign will run on social media site Instagram, saying the new Galaxy […]

Finma: Money transfered from 1MDB ended in Coutts & Co account

Coutts & Co has today been ordered to pay CHF 6.5m (£5.2m) by Swiss watchdog Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) over anti-money laundering failings in its dealings with scandal-hit Malaysian 1MDB. The Swiss financial regulator said a young Malaysian businessman opened an account in the summer of 2009 with the expectation that $10 million would […]

Workplace Woes: A performance value matrix on who to fire

THE HIRING, FIRING, PROMOTION PROCESS IN COMPANIES: The Performance-Values Matrix by Dr. Cameron Sepah VP/Founding Team at Omada Health. Professor at UCSF Medical School. Startup & VC Advisor. 1) Incompetent Assholes (Fire Fast) Incompetent assholes are not only low-performers at your company, but their behavior is incongruent with your company values. In this matrix, they […]