Let the cheat begin: Najib has nine lives?

An unfair zoning and a ridiculous Fake News law greet the opposition for the General Elections 2014 or GE14. It is under such circumstances together with a massive vote buying exercise that Malaysians will go to the polls on May 9. That date – if it goes the Barisan Nasional way – will be an important […]


Dare to be DIFFerent in the city’s e-hailing services

KUALA LUMPUR — City dwellers in Kuala Lumpur knows that when it comes to traffic woes, it is one to dread especially during rush hour. However, luckily for Malaysian taxi riders, DIFF Global Solutions Sdn Bhd (DIFF) – an e-hailing provider – has revolutionised the game. It said this was achieved through extensive research and information […]

Whither Chinese FDI’s in Kedah post-GE 14.

The thought of a ‘Malay Tsunami’ in the state of Kedah stemming from the Tun Mahathir Mohamad factor impacting Chinese investment in the state is discussed here by Karl C. L. Lee.  April 8, 2018:  Prior before the dissolution of the Malaysian Parliament, the news about the 15,000-man in the opposition’s Pakatan Harapan (PH) Kedah ceramah […]

World Poetry Day: Malaysian Poet Shines

World Poetry Day is celebrated every March 21, a decision made by UNESCO at Paris in the year of 1999. One of its main goals is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and preserve the genre, especially the oral tradition of poetry recital and concurrently promoting poetry teaching. Besides, World Poetry Day aims to […]


Still no MH370 at the bottom of the Indian Ocean!

Still no MH370! Is this news fake? Or factual? The search team and the people responsible for the search operations should clarify this. No news is filtering out of the Seabed Constructor. The ultra-sophisticated ship that carries satellite vehicles can scan the equivalent of 140,000 football fields (1,000 sq km) in just 24 hours. While […]

AT Global Markets emphasizing education in their expansion into Malaysia.

Online trading services provider, AT Global Markets Malaysia (AT Malaysia) launched their first office in Johor Bahru on 24th March, following AT Global Markets latest entry in Southeast Asia after Taiwan and the Philippines. With a large number of trading platforms available, AT Malaysia has identified investor education as a means to distinguish themselves from their […]

PAS is the party to watch!

The party to watch in Malaysia’s next General Elections is the Islamists PAS. They are capable of derailing the opposition’s plans in capturing Putrajaya and their manifesto indicates why.   There is little expectation of PAS itself performing well at the upcoming general election. To take just one example, Invoke Malaysia, a pollster, asserted this month that […]

Stunning revelations

Stunning revelations: Children are going hungry in rich Malaysia!

Stunning revelations: Are children going hungry in rich Malaysia? A study by the UN children’s programme says it is the case. The study shows youths living in US$30-a-month public housing units suffer more from stunting. it says those in Ghana are less impacted, however. Malaysia’s GDP is six times higher than Ghana’s. South China Morning […]

Rafidah Aziz

Rafidah Aziz: Why did Malaysia fail to catch the elusive yacht?

Rafidah Aziz, former Malaysian minister is in awe. She does not believe it that the Malaysian authorities missed the most luxurious yacht? According to prosecutors, the famous yacht belongs to 1MDB fugitive Jho Low. Last week, the FBI snatched the elusive vessel in Indonesian waters. Rafidah said she chanced upon the super yacht, The Equanimity […]

Various cash deposits in CID director’s account raised alarm

Cash deposits in Malaysia’s crime-fighting chief account led to Australian police seizing his cash. They said they seized the account of Wan Ahmad Najmuddin. In other words, the seizure is testing the Malaysia-Australia ties. Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed questioned the Australian police action. He says the release of the news in the […]