BUDGET 2018: Striking a delicate balance

Share This: BUDGET 2018 to be unveiled by the Prime Minister this morning would be one where the Malaysian Prime Minister would have to ensure there are bounties for all while keeping the promise of fiscal discipline. While the external factors impacting Malaysia have somewhat recovered, Najib Razak needs to drive domestic consumption and demand […]

Malaysia: Malay votes would determine election outcome

Share This: The broad consensus among Malaysians is that the Malay votes would be the determinant of the outcome of the impending general elections expected to be held before August 2018. Never has the Malay votes been so fragmented with different segments of the Malay populace having endeared themselves with political parties that would further […]

Two investors eye loss-making auto distribution firm Permaju Industries

Share This:   Two investors – Wong Thean Soon and Brahmal Vasudevan – are believed to have become substantial shareholders in the loss-making automobile distribution and property development group Permaju Industries Bhd. “They could be buying through Credit Suisse (CS) Group AG which, on September 21, 2017 acquired 9.7 million shares in the open market […]

Op-Ed: Can print media play catch up with social media?

Share This: SOCIAL media players have reaped millions — perhaps in the tens of millions and more — since the launch of their advertising campaigns on the internet in Malaysia. By advertising campaigns, I mean the modules that would allow local companies to advertise their products on platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook. Then came […]

A sunset industry struggling to cope with reality – Part 1

Share This: THE media industry has seen a steady fall in revenue with advertisers shying away from both printed and online newspapers, whether they are traditional or newly minted ones. This is resulting in many losing their jobs and this is not just impacting only the print media.     The online media is struggling […]