Swiss AG says JP Morgan seriouly breached money laundering rules in 1MDB case

Share This: Switzerland’s financial regulator said JPMorgan Chase’s Swiss subsidiary “seriously breached” anti-money laundering rules in the 1MDB scandal It said by completing transactions with the Malaysian government investment fund that is under investigation in at least six countries, JP Morgan Swiss unit helped several individuals tap into the fund. They transferred “hundreds of millions of dollars” […]

Human touch is part of CIMB’s customer value proposition: Gupta

Share This: CIMB Group CEO, Group Consumer Banking, Samir Gupta said at CIMB, Customer Experience is one of the pivotal areas of the Group’s T18 strategy. Although we have digitalised and added analytics and robotics to our consumer banking business, the human touch still remains as part of CIMB’s customer value proposition.  “For example, customers […]

Public urged to be cautious with ICO, advised to refer to licensed agencies

Share This: The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) have advised the public to be wary of any initial coin offering (ICO) schemes, reminding them to exercise caution before participating in such schemes. “The public are reminded to exercise caution before participating in any ICO schemes by checking their names against the […]

The end of Bitcoin or the opportunity to buy dip into cryptos?

Share This: The dramatic plunge in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the past two days erased almost $300 billion dollars in total market cap. Investors who bought Bitcoin around its peak of $20,000 would have suffered the most as the price fell below $10,000 on Wednesday. It is even more painful for people who decided […]

Maybank aims for increase in cashless payments with showcase at Karnival Kewangan Kedah

Share This: Aiming at the greater use of cashless transactions in the country, Maybank will showcase its soon-to-be-launched cashless mobile payment option using QR codes – called “Maybank QRPay” at the Karnival Kewangan Kedah 2018 in Alor Star, Kedah. For consumers, it is readily available on the new Maybank App but for businesses who wish to […]

Singapore wanted 50-50 control of HSR operations but Malaysia won 52% control

Share This: Malaysia and Singapore carried out negotiations on which country would have a controlling stake of their joint venture operating company that will run the High Speed Rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Singapore wanted a 50-50 split but Malaysia believe there should be a dominant party to make decision-making easier. In the end, […]

Mee Kolok for breakfast anyone?

Share This: Two best buddies from childhood and they are both named Kamarul. One is KJ the Chef and KC the partner and his wife. The young founders of the Neighbourhood Supply Restaurant, KJ, KC & Yana offers the best of EAST Coast & East Malaysia with its authentic breakfast fix of Nasi Minyak, Nasi […]