Malaysia an oft-forgotten jewel of Southeast Asia: And thats why you should visit it

Share This: Malaysia is an oft-forgotten jewel of Southeast Asia, said the And food is listed as number one reason for anyone to visit Malaysia! The site gave 6 good reasons why the tourist folks should visit Malaysia, starting with the diverse landscapes ranging from cool tea plantations to dense jungles and reef-fringed islands to skyscraper […]

An Indian tourist view of Mauritius: It is full of surprises!

Share This: Are you travelling to Mauritius with your parents?” asked the stewardess. “Why, yes, of course!” I beamed. His question surprised me, to say the least. But soon, the plane started to fill up, and what do I see? An entire army of married couples! Across aisles, blood-red bangles jingled on mehendi-laden hands and […]

Will Trump squeeze some countries to force them to send their tourists to unpopular America?

Share This: As long as Trump continues on his ‘I Am America’ policies, shunning the foreigner and calling their nations from ‘sh8 holes’ to ‘terror nations’ or ‘trade enemies of the USA’ – like what he said about Malaysia being on a list of countries that are causing the US to lose in terms of […]

Mee Kolok for breakfast anyone?

Share This: Two best buddies from childhood and they are both named Kamarul. One is KJ the Chef and KC the partner and his wife. The young founders of the Neighbourhood Supply Restaurant, KJ, KC & Yana offers the best of EAST Coast & East Malaysia with its authentic breakfast fix of Nasi Minyak, Nasi […]

‘Chinese only’ or ‘No African’: Racism not new in Malaysia

Share This: Malaysians are not racists, not all of them. Among them, they are very solitary. There is even this thing called “we are Malaysians” when it comes to prioritising the locals against the foreigners. Does that mean they are racist when they refuse to allow some foreigners to rent houses? Some banners displayed in […]

Silicon-rich water may help lower aluminium levels in MS patients

Share This: Spritzer bottled water, which is silicon-rich mineral water, could facilitate the removal of aluminium from the body via urination. “Drinking silicon-rich mineral water can help remove excess aluminium from multiple sclerosis patients, according to a study backed by a Malaysian company,” says the study. The paper focused on patients with secondary progressive multiple […]

Mahathir barred from visiting Anwar while PKR women chief want Tun M as senior minister

Share This: Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said he was barred from visiting jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in hospital on Wednesday (Jan 10) afternoon, with hospital officials telling the Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman that they had received instructions not to allow him in. Mahathir said the actions were that of the Prime Minister Najib […]

Amid praise for Mauritian Indians, India seeks global power status

Share This: India on Tuesday reached out to lawmakers of Indian origin spread across the world seeking support for its emerging status as a global power, The Hindu said. Speaking at the “First PIO Parliamentarian Conference”, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj urged the legislators and political figures to consider what kind of contribution they could […]

Azmin: We solved Selangor’s peoples woes with RM3b, what if we could manage Putrajaya’s RM280b budget?

Share This: Cutting off from the rhetoric, the Menteri Besar of Selangor Azmin Ali asked the Pakatan Harapan convention what would happen if his party were to manage the humongous national budget of RM280 billion which is now under the purview of PM Najib Razak. “We must walk the talk. Cut the rhetoric. So, we must deliver,” […]

Dahmakan, which delivers its own cooked food, raises US$2.6m

Share This: Dahmakan, a Malaysian based food delivery startup has raised US#2.6 million as it begins to explore expansion across Southeast Asia, said Tech Crunh. The startup distinguishes itself from the likes of FoodPanda and Deliveroo with an “end-to-end” approach to food, that’s to say that it cooks all dishes itself and dispatches them to […]