MAURITIUS: Millions of petrodollars to shut down criminal cases and buy MPs?

Share This: We all know that Mauritius is a tiny, vulnerable and dependent country. But recent events on the Island suggests a dark future for its population involving petrodollars, corrupt legislators and indeed the media that are at daggers drawn. It reminds us of the book entitled ‘Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal […]

Seasonal Fruits of Malaysia – Guide for Tourists

Share This: It so happens that several times that I landed on the Malaysian soil, I expected to find some local fruits being sold at stalls along the streets, which is really a common scene when the fruits are in season. But to my greatest disappointment, the fruits were not harvested yet because they were […]

Immigration ban stopped – Trump should watch out!

Share This:   Trump’s immigration ban has been banned and blocked by federal judge. A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry into the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries. US District Judge James Robert, who was appointed by President George Bush in 2003, issued a temporary restraining order against […]


Share This: JAKARTA – Reports from the streets in West Java indicates that at least ten thousand marchers have set off on a long march to Jakarta, in defiance of a police ban on public transportation within the main streets of the Indonesian capital city. The source said the crowd is composed of Muslims who […]


Share This: JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian police named Indonesia’s most prominent and much hated Christian politician as a suspect in a blasphemy case on Wednesday. It is a test-case for the Indonesian nation, as hundreds of thousand Indonesians marched in the streets of Jakarta and in other cities to protest against the Christian politician. Some […]

Tourism: Three Asean countries in future no-go list

Share This: Five countries are depicted as danger zones in the making, and places where tourists have to go now to see the beautiful places before political turmoil runs them down. The Asean has two countries in the list of bad dreams bound to come true: 1. Philippines 2. Indonesia 3. Thailand Another country from […]