China’s gradient to be a super-power steep

Share This: The topic of China’s rise in the world‘s political and economic stage has raised questions as to whether it will replace the US as the next world superpower. This reality became more pronounced after Donald Trump signed the executive order withdrawing from Trans-Pacific partnership leading to the belief that this would pave the way […]

Trump’s obsessive behaviour may cause Sustainable Development Goals scale back

Share This: The  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which has a set of 17 “Global Goals” with 169 targets among them is threatened to a grinding halt. The reason for this is the spanner in the works thrown by American President Donald Trump who appears to be back-peddling what his predecessors have done in wanting to […]

U.S. is a “danger to the world”, warns top economist

Share This: A global push to end poverty and hunger, and combat climate change by 2030 is at risk from American “militarism”, powerful business interests and the actions of President Donald Trump, said leading U.S. economist and U.N. special adviser Jeffrey Sachs, as reported by Reuters. The Columbia University professor said he was “not pessimistic” […]

American’s failed Syrian venture

Share This: Now that the defeat of ISIS in Syria appears imminent, with the Syrian army clearing out some of the last ISIS strongholds in the east, Washington’s interventionists are searching for new excuses to maintain the illegal US military presence in the country. Their original rationale for intervention has long been exposed as another […]

End of world senario: Religion is back in American political discourse

Share This: Roy S. Moore, who won a special Republican primary runoff for an Alabama Senate seat on Tuesday, is a staunch evangelical Christian. The return of religious discourse in politics is part of the end-of-the-world scenario. Roy Moore who recently suggested the attacks of 9/11 may have been a punishment for the country’s decision […]