Asean at 50: Where is the call for social justice?

The Asean or Association of South East Asian Nations which is composed of 10 countries from the region (not all SEA countries are members) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its inception, but it does not have much to show in terms of regional integration of its people, to begin with.

While the association survived many crises, including the 1997 currency crisis that shook the region, and formulated the Asean Economic Community (AEC), its role is limited when it comes to socio-economic endeavours.

For example, the AEC is becoming a capitalist tool destined to make it easier for big money to move around and to invest in sectors that they deem are necessary for ‘their own’ corporate progression.

So far we have seen little about the wellbeing of the people where such investment are going, though arguably enough, it is bound to create new job opportunities in places where such luxuries are scarce. But at what cost and what will be the benefit for the ‘workers’?

There are many questions hanging on the Asean and its role as a unifying force in the region, as well as its peace-keeping role that has been subject to criticism from some member nations.

Answers are scarce. WorldfutureTv will strive to get some answers on these issues. Keep visiting us. 

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