Who are the five to quit MSM-ML regime – names revealed

Picture Credit: Defimedia.info – the end is near for the MSM-ML regime?

The names of the five elements who are on the way to quit the MSM-ML regime are now in the open. They are: Fowdar, Ragubar, Jeehangerr, Callichurn and Dayal.

On Thursday, WorldFutureTv said five MP’s were on their way out of the MSM, to join the Labour Party in the opposition.

This would be a big hit by the Labour Party indeed.

With this, the MSM-ML alliance in power will see its Parliamentary majority cut to three seats against the opposition group. Its number of seats will fall from 40 to 35, but it will still rule as it has the support of the two MP’s from Rodrigues Island thus having 37 seats or a five seat majority against 32 seats that the opposition will hold if the five MSM members leaves the coalition.

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