Is China really a business ally or a colonial bully?

Share This: The question has been asked many times and with recent events in Sri Lanka, and the actions of some Chinese companies in Africa, it is now a pertinent one, China has started to conquer the world in its own way, by dishing out commercial projects across the globe. But some are saying China’s […]

HSR bidding down to two-horse race: where are the others?

Share This: China and Japan are the only two countries left in the race to win the bidding for the massive high-speed rail transportation project that will link Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, said the portal. However, the question we may ask is whether the other competitors seem to have simply accepted the fact that […]

Why India should thread carefully in Southeast Asia and South China Sea

Share This: India is playing to the America card of ‘quadrilateral’ power in the Southeast Asian region and in the South China Sea (SCS), which is a departure from the previous U.S. administration under President Barack Obama, but New Delhi will have to thread carefully in these troubled waters. The South China Sea is basically […]

OBOR: The dilemma that benefits Malaysia says MIDF

Share This: MIDF Research said China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) is economically linked to Malaysia’s own OBOR projects, and Beijing is in its own dilemma to support the related projects in Malaysia. In view of this, China will probably pump its foreign reserve into such projects, thus benefiting Malaysia largely. It said Beijing’s own dilemma […]

China’s gradient to be a super-power steep

Share This: The topic of China’s rise in the world‘s political and economic stage has raised questions as to whether it will replace the US as the next world superpower. This reality became more pronounced after Donald Trump signed the executive order withdrawing from Trans-Pacific partnership leading to the belief that this would pave the way […]

End of Communism in China: A question of perception

Share This: The statement: “The end of communism in China will have massive global repercussions” is indeed a fascinating one. It boils down to the question: Can we expect a major shift in the balance of world forces, that currently steer world affairs? This is indeed a grievous and perhaps even more imminent issue, than […]

Why the ‘Friendship oil pipeline’ is still flowing from China to North Korea?

Share This: China has once again played its hands in the North Korean conflict, forcing the Western nations (in particular the United States) to back off from a 100% cut of oil supplies to Pyongyang. The US wanted to literally kill the North Korean regime with a full ban on oil exports to Pyongyang – […]

The end of communism in China will have massive global repercussions

Share This: The Chinese Quagmire: It is part of the end-of-the-world scenario. Plans are underway to bring down the communist regime in China and for this, a few ‘powers’ are using an axis that might just do it. The overthrow of the communist regime, a game plan led by Tokyo, is well underway but it […]