Why India should thread carefully in Southeast Asia and South China Sea

Share This: India is playing to the America card of ‘quadrilateral’ power in the Southeast Asian region and in the South China Sea (SCS), which is a departure from the previous U.S. administration under President Barack Obama, but New Delhi will have to thread carefully in these troubled waters. The South China Sea is basically […]

The end of communism in China will have massive global repercussions

Share This: The Chinese Quagmire: It is part of the end-of-the-world scenario. Plans are underway to bring down the communist regime in China and for this, a few ‘powers’ are using an axis that might just do it. The overthrow of the communist regime, a game plan led by Tokyo, is well underway but it […]

One year after PCA ruling, China must abide by the law

Share This: One year ago, on July 12, 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) announced that the South China Sea Arbitral Tribunal had issued a unanimous award in favour of the Philippines in the South China Sea (SCS) conflict. The legally binding award has demolished China’s expansive historical claims in the SCS and pointed […]

Asean urged to show unity in dealing with South China Sea dispute

Share This: The lurking fear that China is now hegemonic, while it remained adamant after the PCA ruling, could undermine Asean, said Professor Muhammad Abu Bakar, local expert in Asean affairs. The professor said: “Hence, Asean should follow steps with the Philippines and Vietnam and show public support for the PCA ruling”. He delivered his speech […]