What Qatar and Al-Jazeera failed to mention in terror backlash

Obama gave the go ahead for the bloody Arab Spring, and Qatar was one of the big supporter –  He wanted to change the world!

As expected, Qatar has vehemently rejected all allegations that it is indulged in terror activities and in supporting various terror organisations across the Arab world.

The tiny kingdom’s response is normal, but what is not normal is the lack of information given by the Qatari regime and by its mouthpiece Al-Jazeera, compared the comprehensive list of Qatari malefactors published by the Saudi Arabian government.

In its first response, the Qatari foreign ministry posted a message that is full of innuendoes and tergiversions (or zig-zagging), which we believe had two aims:
Firstly, it was to comfort its ‘supporters’ that it had the situation under control and it could respond to the ‘blasphemous’ attacks on its sovereignty.

Secondly, it was to divert the attention from the real issues, without really answering or attending to the accusation of support to terrorism.

Let’s face the facts here, with a little bit of history on Qatar’s involvement in terrorism activities.

In 2014, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in a joint-exercise bombed Islamist militants in Libya twice without U.S. notification or knowledge.

This was reported by New York Times, citing four senior U.S. officials and it holds grounds since this happened under the watchful eyes of President Barack Obama.

Obama is the historic architect of the mess in Libya, and as this part of our story will prove, Qatar was one of the players in the destruction of Libya and is still in support of the terrorists that destroyed the country.

While New York Time – perhaps fearful of Obama – said Qatar has ‘allegedly’ supported Islamist forces in Libya, evidence abounds all over the dead body of Muammar Gaddafi of who actively participated (with Western pariah nations – no pun intended!) in his killing and the killing of an entire country.

But the Times bravely admitted Qatar has continuously supported ‘Islamic movements’ (In Libya they are all terror movements) and the Muslim Brotherhood.

This was confirmed by so-called renegade Libyan general Khalifa Hifter, who made allegations of Qatari support for an ‘Islamist’ takeover of Libya rather explicitly.

As a matter of fact, it took the four Arab countries far too long to cut ties with Qatar, if you look at facts and historical elements that point to a Qatari support to terror movements.

They took that long to act against Qatar since they did not have the support of the Obama regime – a regime that devised the ‘Arab Spring’ and caused all the chaos in the Middle East and North Africa – but once President Donald Trump gave them full support, they acted.

We know that the supporters of Qatar will argue that Saudi Arabia has also supported terrorism – but we believe there are sufficient evidence this is totally unfounded – but that is beyond the point here.

It is not Qatar that broke diplomatic relations with the four nations for ‘terror activities’, it is the contrary and the issue has to be debated on this basis, not on the ‘diversions’ that Qatar is trying to create.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt published a list of 59 people and 12 groups with links to Qatar, alleging that they have ties to “terrorism”.

The list included Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most prominent Muslim religious leaders in the Middle East, as well as Qatari-funded charitable organisations.

Remember, Qaradawi is the religious leader who issued a ‘fatwa’ or edict that encouraged Hamas to use suicide bombers to attack Israeli interests in occupied Palestine.

Last year, Qaradawi, who is an Egyptian but is based in – well no surprise Qatar – was at the centre of a storm that raised a massive outcry in the UAE after he apparently called on Muslims to support suicide bombing attacks in Saudi Arabia.

Now come back to the issue of Qatar’s zig-zagging on the accusations against it.

In 2014, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain took issue with what they saw as Qatar’s meddling in their internal affairs.

The three countries withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March of that year, in an unprecedented move among the countries, over the protest of Qatar’s support of ‘Islamist’ movements – and the question is whether these are real ‘Islam’ based movements.

Bombings carried out by Egypt and the UAE against Islamists in Libya could be an extension of an anti-Qatari policy aimed at limiting the reach and impact of Islamist movements throughout the Middle East, some reports say.

Now, the Qatari government has so far forgotten to mention its support for Islamists in Libya, in Syria, in Egypt and in perhaps in Bahrain.

They failed to come clean on the Muslim Brotherhood issue.

They also said the Saudi initiative against them – seen as a pro-US move somehow – had a purpose and that is clearly the imposition of guardianship over Qatar, which is in itself a violation of its sovereignty and is rejected outright.

This diverts the attention but does not answer the accusations pinned against them.

The foreign ministry also said: Qatar respects the sovereignty of other nations and does not interfere in their internal affairs, and it has fulfilled its role in fighting terrorism and extremism.

But it supports people who issued fatwa’s for suicide bombings?

It supports people who killed a leader of a country live on Youtube?

And it hosts the Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation accused of terror in Egypt and accused of all sorts of extremism and misgivings during their short reign in power.

Remember, it is not Saudi Arabia that is under the limelight here, it is Qatar.

And what about Qatar’s support for regime change in Syria, a move that has caused so much pain to millions of people – including to the poor little baby boy who’s dead body became the fun picture of Charlie Hebdo?

They will never answer all these, not Qatar and never Al-Jazeera!

And at Worldfuturetv.com, we believe it does not end there. We have been shouting since 2011 that Qatar was the funder of the Arab Spring, and subsequently in a twist of events beyond their control maybe, the funders of the ISIS!

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