The Americans know where MH370 is says father and husband of French victims

Video grab shows Wattrelos speaking on the BFMTV show
In an interview in French on the BFMTV based in France, Ghislain Wattrelos who lost his wife and children when the MH370 went missing on a fatal day in May 2014 said he firmly believe the Americans know where the plane is but they have their reasons to remain silent.
Saying that he and the families of the victims were glad that the new search for the missing airliner is on, he insisted there was no reason for the plane to be within the search area.
“There’s no reason for this plane to be there where they are searching for it. I will give you my reason why. The plane has crossed the airspace of seven different countries, and we are told they did not see it.”
When pressed on whether it was his personal view or he had clues on where the plane was, Wattrelos said: “I do not have any formal proof, to be frank with you but I know that this zone is under surveillance by the Americans and I know that the Americans know where the plane is.”
The interview, conducted in French indeed, was posted on Twitter and many people commented on what Wattrelos said.
Some said Malaysia had something to do with the disappearance of the plane, others said it could not have been shot in the air.
Plane shot down
But the mystery remains and Wattrelos’ comments that the USA could have some knowledge and has put the area where the plane has crash landed under heavy surveillance raises suspicions.
“I would believe the civilians could not see it because all means of communications were cut with the plane, but we are told the military located it while it was flying off. The military forces in the seven countries have seen it,” he insisted.
A French TV programme featuring a report on MH370 had for conclusion the plane was shot near Diego Garcia and fell in the vicinity of the Mauritian waters or within international waters.
The presenters of the show said they believe the craft was heading towards the American base on Diego Garcia but was stopped in its flight by a missile strike. Diego Garcia is an American military base where nuclear weapons are stored.
Then he asked why are they looking at search areas based on Inmarsat data with a theory that does not make any sense behind it to tell us it is there where they are searching?
“I believe there are people who know where the plane is exactly.”
The interviewers asked him whether deep inside he believed there are people who know where it is and they are remaining silent on its location?
“Exactly, These people know where it is,” was his response.
Why do you think they are remaining silent?
“I believe the plane was shot down for a reason that they cannot reveal,” he replied.
Is it your personal opinion or you have some concrete elements to prove your theory?
Losing his family in the tragedy
It is now four years since I am doing my research and I have found some elements indicating that. I have many people who are speaking to me, meeting up with me and slowly it is appearing, he said.
He also said the families did not understand the message of December 2016 when Australia said the search was in the wrong location and that it should be carried out further north.
But suddenly, they stop the search and that has been like that for one year that he and the group representing the families are fighting to get the search to resume and it is not possible that this plane cannot be found, he told the TV network.
“I say let’s not hide our joy that the new search is on and that is the official position of the families. We are glad it is on.
About the right location for the search, my answer is and it is a personal one, the search is not being done at the right location.”
Wattrelos lost his wife, children, in the unfortunate event and since then, he has been on the beaten track to find answers by trying to resolve the greatest aviation enigma in mankind’s history.
The 53 years old Ghislain Wattrelos has spent the past four years inquiring on the dissappearance of the aircraft, which flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014. 
His wife, his son of 17 and 13 year-old daughter were on the flight and were to rejoin him in China where they were living after a holiday in Malaysia.

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