AT Global Markets emphasizing education in their expansion into Malaysia.

Online trading services provider, AT Global Markets Malaysia (AT Malaysia) launched their first office in Johor Bahru on 24th March, following AT Global Markets latest entry in Southeast Asia after Taiwan and the Philippines.

With a large number of trading platforms available, AT Malaysia has identified investor education as a means to distinguish themselves from their competition.

The platform will be providing trading education and consultation services for their clients by conducting seminars, both online and offline.

AT Global Markets, Southeast Asia managing director, Jeff Hsu explained that the webinars are a part of their strategy.

He explained the seminars conducted by their team in Malaysia will include free signal trading tools that have been developed by their technical team in Taiwan.

“We want to uncomplicate things for our customers, trading for-profits are not difficult but we don’t give too many features that might not be useful.”

“We want to make it easier for our customers and we have expanded much effort developing our indicators to achieve that,” he said.

At AT Malaysia, their seminars will focus on the “breakout” theory by applying their signal indicators to trace the trend of the market.

This is contrary to the martingale strategy favoured by the market, where investors would double down on their investment with the hopes of turning a profit after the price recovers.

Having doing education around the world, Hsu found that it is changing the mindset of traders that is the most difficult.

“People always want to buy cheaper things, but there’s a reason why only 20% of traders make a profit. They need to change their perception.”

AT Malaysia, CEO, Keith Lee is upbeat about their operation in Malaysia, he said that as a country that offers many advantages as a trading destination it is backed by sound economic fundamentals with promising prospects.

“Our goal at AT Malaysia is to help traders who are entering the Malaysian market to succeed.”

He also shared that their goal for Malaysia is to expand their customer base to 3,000 clients and set up another office in Kuala Lumpur by the end of the year. 

The Malaysian office will provide trading education, consultation and advisory services to traders and Introducing Brokers.

Present at the event were:

Mr. Martin Lam (Chief Analyst, APAC, AT Global Markets, Mr. Jeff Hsu (Managing Director of South East Asia, AT Global Markets), Mr. Joe Li (CEO, AT Capital), Mr. Keith Lee (CEO, AT Global Markets Malaysia) and Mr Ben Robson (Author & Professional Trader)

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