The ‘powerful’ silence on 1MDB speaks volume

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Powerful people believe they can do anything. They can also say anything, as they wish. And they expect – or they still believe in that fairy tale – that is to see people bowing to what they say.

Malaysia September 2018 is not the same Malaysia of May 8 2018.

Prior to May 9 this year, the 'Above the laws', Ministers and the clowns in their courts could
 just call any policemen on the streets to do their bidding.

This included the harrasment and the (veiled) threats from their PR guys and from the poor 
policemen who feared losing their job.

Some top officials are now poking their heads. News that the new government is spying on 
the royals in Malaysia went viral. 

People were somewhat divided on the issue, but if you look closely, most of the 'Rakyat' 
would actually want a transparent system,

One in which the Kings, the powerful and those who believe they are above the law would
be subjected to the 'law'.

Nevertheless, it is time for Malaysia to reform the 'above the law' system.

There are no reasons, after what transpired during the long years of reign of ex-PM Najib
Razak, for the powerful to be left alone.

They can easily be manipulated - as has happened under the 1MDB issue - and this allows 
the political goons to get away.

Malaysia needs to tighten the ranks. Only the trustworthy can have authority. Not everybody can have authority. Simply because they fail in that authority. They tend to go against the people’s wish. They also tend to take things very personally and emotionally.

These are the kind of situations that Malaysia in 2018 and beyond does not need. These loose characters must be roped in under the absolute power of the country. That is under the GOVERNMENT!

No one should be above the law, not even the ones claiming to be above the law!

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