Can we have our own Mauritian-Saudi prince now?

Interestingly enough, Mauritius signed a US$50 million deal with Saudi Arabia. 
Far more interesting is how the nay-sayers will react to this sudden submission of the Mauritius government to Arab Money!
Mauritius indeed has a long history of aversion for Arab Money, accusing the Muslims outside the country of attempting to ‘secretly’ aid the local Muslims.
From the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam government to the Sir Aneerood Jugnauth government (a span of 36 years), Arab Money was not welcomed.
All kinds of projects were planned by the Arab ‘invaders’ but the Mauritius government stood firm. They wanted money from India and the European Union, not from the Arabs.
Hence, the U-turn of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth is as incredible as it sounds.
Prince Abdulaziz Bin Saud Bin Naif, currently on official visit to Mauritius, signed an agreement that bears the seal of the Saudi fund.
It relates mainly to a loan of $ 50 million, more than RS 1, 7 billion, for the financing of the first phase of the new Flacq teaching hospital.
This project will cost total RS 6 billion, said the local media.
Last week, the government of Mauritius signed two other agreements, with the ‘Kuwait fund and the Arab bank for economic development in Africa’ (Badea) for the same project.
But since we are with a series of Arab Money getting pumped to revive the dying Mauritius economy, when are we going to get our own ‘Prince’?
Mauritius is selling its passports to foreign investors for a silly sum of US$ 500,000 to US$1 million.
Now, it will be possible for some Saudi Prince and Princess to become Mauritian citizens and to invest in our soverign fund.
That will make us proud, at least those who want to have prince and princesses in their fairy tale life.
Hence, it will not be too long for Mauritius to have its own ‘Saudi-Mauritian’ Prince or Princess who will hold a Mauritian passport!
That will surely irritate a lot of people who are currently commenting on social media that ‘terrorists’ will get access to our passports.
It is also possible that the anti-Muslim rhetoric that increased since the gay-pride scandal will peak further, as a result of the country getting Arab Money.
Arab Money has always been the venom for anti-Muslim elements in the country. Right?

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