What is the crime?

The flag will be raised high for our beloved country!

What is the crime? When you are in a democracy and you are accused but you refuse to admit it. It is a crime.

And with news, fake or not, going around in Mauritius that you are blackmailing those who sabotaged you?

It is a crime of the highest degree if it is true.

And if you know what they did last summer, and you are silent on it, but using it as blackmail?

It is a terrible crime in a democracy.

Since you think you are right in your stance, it would mean the regime that put you there is in the wrong.

And if they are in the wrong, should you not denounce them?

How can you cohabit with a regime that you are not agreeable with?

The question is whether the post is your personal trophy or is it a symbolic one?

Since you are apolitical on paper, you should not quit under political pressure it seems.

But since you clinging to the post with the support of a political organisation in power, is it not a political game-play?

What is the crime?

Is it not high time you reveal how you supposedly ‘reimburse’ the money for the crime you allegedly perpetrated?

What is the morality behind all this? Does it not sound like someone who replaces stolen goods to legitimise the act?

Nevertheless, the entire drama has split the government-wide into the open.

We now know there is tension between the two political parties and that it will break them up.

If a breakup is on the menu, a majority of the Parliament could vote a motion of confidence against you.

But since you have eaten up the democratic principles, what is the crime?

Is there really a crime in that instance?

I sincerely doubt that a person who stands accused should resist the calls for resignation.

The reason is that you are becoming a bad example – another bad example – for the country.

At 50, our reputation as the number one democratic nation in the African sphere is under severe test.

And your refusal to admit the crime is turning it our anniversary into a muddied event.

The onus is on you to tell us what is the crime!

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