India skeptical on Soodhun’s promise Saudi Arabia to build RS800m hospital

Photo Credit: Arab Times. Soodhun here seen meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince Salman

The visit of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s to Mauritius, which was the main trigger that started the downfall of former Deputy-PM Shaukatally Soodhun, was also about Saudi Arabia’s plans for Mauritius.

According to WFTV sources, the UP CM visit was also to query on Saudi Arabia’s promises to build a state of the art hospital in Mauritius.

“Delhi wants to know how Saudi Arabia will finance the construction of the hospital to the tune of Rs 800 million.

“Whether it was a bluff from S. Sodhun?” was the question asked.

Soodhun had said Saudi Arabia was willing to finance the construction of the hospital.

The tug-of-war between New Delhi and Saudi Arabia is obvious, with India pumping money into the country and intending to safeguard its international interest.

Saudi Arabia is a new player in Mauritius, and its penetration has caused some upsets in the country among non-Muslim elements.

Some of these elements are followers of the UP CM Yogi, WFTV was told.

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