Five ministers and a Lebanese group in a land deal?

Five ministers – including two top Ministers – are allegedly involved in a land deal that is to be signed soon.

The deal is worth Rupees 4 billion (milliards in Mauritius).

The land will be sold to a Lebanese group, we are told. It is said to be of a 350 arpents wide land.

The Ministers and the Lebanese group are said to be in talks in a land deal in the North of the Island.

“It is at Saint-Antoine, and the land deal will be signed pretty soon,” said a source to WFTV.

However, we cannot confirm whether the ministers are the signatories of the deal.

The people close to the deal said they have seen a damaging document sent to New Delhi.

The land deal is part of the segments discussed in the document, they said.

“That document contains other aspects of corrupt practices in Mauritius. It was handed over to the Indian External Affairs Minister during her visit to Mauritius,” WFTV was told.

Who are the Ministers and who is the person who handed over the document to the Indian Minister Sushma Swaraj?

We have the names of all those involved and we are waiting for the name of the Lebanese firm before we disclose more information on this affair.

Last week WFTV disclosed that the visit of Sushma Swaraj to Mauritius was about the internal affairs of the country.

From New Delhi, we are told the Indian Minister came to assure PM Pravind Jugnauth of India’s support.

However, she was barred from participating in any ‘politically motivated activities’ this time around.

The Indian government did not want to be seen dictating the ‘newbie’ Mauritian PM on his internal policies.

Particularly when the country was having a tough time with the pro-Lgbt assembly in Port Louis.

India did not want to be seen supporting the government of Mauritius on the Lgbt issue.

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