Mauritius benefited too much from foreign aid: Arab Money?

Is Arab Money too much for Mauritius? Recently, the Labour Party complained that Mauritius benefited too much from international aid since this government has come to come to power.

This was Mr Arvind Boolell speaking. As a popular member of the Parliament, Mr Boolell hit it hard on the issue of the sale of the Mauritian Passports to foreigners.

But is it also about Arab Money?

The Social Media scene in Mauritius is abuzz with anti-Muslim comments. The rise of such comments has given way to racial abuse on the internet.

While this is going on, the authorities are doing nothing to step up its fight against racial abuse and attacks on Islam and Muslims online. Likewise, it is not taking any action against some Muslims who are sending their own salvo of anti-Hindu and anti-Christian attacks online.

The situation is getting out of hand and is spilling into the real world. The consequences will be difficult to handle if this goes out of hand.

However, the authorities and some local newspaper are willing to let the situation rot to the ground perhaps in a bid to blame one community, the Muslims, for the deterioration?

The l’Express newspaper decided that it was wiser to attack the Muslims and Islam for some sort of ‘tolerance to child abuse’ while it closed its eyes on the other issues affecting the social fabric of the country.

Claiming the right to use its ‘freedom of expression’, the same newspaper that disallowed the Muslims the right to use their ‘freedom to express’ against the Lgbt group ignored the facts.

It also ignores the many cases of teen pregnancy (extramarital) among other communities to set its target on a married teen who died in pregnancy.

While that is fine – that is the paper can express itself freely on any topics it chooses – the hypocrisy cannot be denied.

Is Arab Money – Donation too much?

On the local social media, we can read comments on how the idea of a Mauritian Embassy in Riyad, Saudi Arabia has disrupted the political landscape.

It sent the social media into the boiling point. The anti-Islam flag bearers started their campaign against Islam on the basis of this idea being mooted by the then MSM Minister Shawkatally Soodhun.

As usual, L’Expresss was the leading voice with daily articles, interviews and support for naysayers who were against the idea of a Mauritian embassy in Riyadh.

The usual argument was that Saudi Arabia finance terrorism when it is the contrary. Saudi Arabia is a target for terror organisations.

It suffered many terrorist attacks on its soil, even in Makkah and Madinah, the two holy cities of Islam.

The same happened with the proposals for investment from the Dubai World Ports. There were daily attacks against DP World for its supposed inhuman treatment of workers and so on.

The investment was rejected by the then Minister in the cabinet, Xavier Luc-Duval and the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd had its say in the investment rejection.

The campaign was tainted with racist slurs on social media. The Muslims were treated as those who wear ‘towels on their heads’.

The authorities allowed this attack to go on. They did nothing.

And pretty soon, they will hypocritically seek the Muslim voters to support them for another five-year term in power.

To do what? To close their eyes on the attacks against Muslims while using the Muslim vote for their dirty dancing in power?

The Muslims must think not twice, but ten times before they cast their vote for this kind of political nutjobs.

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