Why hasn’t Mauritius deported Verner? Police inaction decried!

Video of a press conference by a Muslim group explaining what really led to last Saturday’s rally and giving main points on what the group of Mosques feels about the threat of Lght in the country (In French)

Mauritius is still reeling from the aftermath of the Lgbt event that caused much tension in some quarters of the country.

But many questions are still unanswered: Why has the police forbidden itself from interrogating the Lgbt chief, one Pauline Verner?

Verner is a foreigner who claimed last Saturday was about potential murderers with weapons threatening her and her group of softies.

It was a blatant lie. Under Mauritius laws, one cannot lie just to promote one’s agenda. But the police steered itself away from interrogating her on her lies.

Instead, the police interrogated Muslims who they thought were disturbing the peace.

The other hot issue is why did the police not deport the trouble-maker Verner? Instead, they are giving her full ears and are taking action against those she is laying about!

Report to immigration!

The point is no one went to the immigration to declare her a threat to the nation’s peace. Everyone is too busy with their own thinking and stories about the events.

The right step to get her kicked out of the country is to go to the immigration department and to make a report on her lies and illicit activities.

If the immigration agents are also in the duping game, then it will be made clear by their inaction against Verner.

That is the reason why she is still in the country and who knows how long is her staying visa?

Readers Letter

WFTV received messages from readers. Some are veiled threats by the Lgbt group.

We feel this one is worth mentioning:

“If the protestors are guilty of holding an illegal protest and of incitement, then what about the whole ‘collectif‘ rabble?” said a reader. (The collectif here is the CAEC).

The reader went on saying, they (Foreign Lgbt group) are calling for something which is illegal in Mauritius.

The letter also insisted that ‘they are directed by foreign agitators who are disturbing the social fabric of Mauritius.’

Making spurious claims of death threats being made against them (why doesn’t Verner scurry back to the safety of France then?).

Deport Verner!

Tainting the image of Mauritius in front of the international community; Verner has ‘complained’ to the EU and ambassadors of the US & France!

Why hasn’t Mauritius deported Verner? asked the writer of the email.

Her presence in Mauritius is not conducive to the public good, nor the security of the island

The Mauritian government has lost control of the situation, assuming of course that it ever had authority in the first place!

It also asked how can a foreign person meddle in the social life and the political fabric of our country?

“She is troubling social peace and harmony. According to the L’Express daily, some Embassies have asked the authorities why they did not proceed with arrests of the ‘demonstrators’ of last Saturday.

“If such information is true (the reader showing mistrust in L’Express for good reasons), it is a serious matter since they are interfering in the affairs of a sovereign and independent nation.

“Finally, it is Verner who brought her privacy to the public place and wanted to provoke a public debate. We are free to express opinions and this issue. However, what she debauchery she indulges in her bed is not of any interest to us,” said the letter.

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