Mini cabinet reshuffle after Budget?

At least one Minister found himself in trouble with the ruling class in Port Louis recently.

And because of that, a mini cabinet reshuffle is expected after the Budget presentation.

This could be the case for a Minister who had apparently caused trouble over the St Antoine-Lebanese deal.

WFTV reported a few days ago that a massive and deal was playing out and it involved 5 Ministers and a Lebanese group.

it appears the said Minister has refused to sign on the deal.

Reason given: the land is fertile land and should not be turned into commercial or property assets.

As such, the said Minister opposed the deal.

As a consequence, the Minister might get another portfolio that has nothing to do with land development and so on.

At this moment, we are still in the dark over which Lebanese group is involved in the deal.

Nevertheless, the situation is reminiscent of the 1994 political crisis where Madan Dulloo was fired for refusing to agree on another St Antoine deal.

The reason he gave was that the land was one of the most fertile in the country.

His resistance got him ousted as Minister of Agriculture.

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