MMM BP elections voting process manipulated?

The MMM opposition party recently held its Polit Bureau elections, and the results shocked the old guard of the party.

Sources said the elections were manipulated by some in order to pursue the destructive work carried out by former members who have since then left the party.

The elections of 10 new faces in the BP is now under query by many MMM members.

The fact that only two Muslims were elected was the talk on some social media networks.

Netizens are saying the party is now hijacked by a group of people who were close to some members who were fired by the party leadership.

“There could have been a manipulation of votes or the newly elected could have worked together with some leaders to cause a disruption,” WFTV was told.

If that is the case, it will be made clear that the elections were not free and fair, said the source.

The MMM leader, Paul Berenger seemed very surprised but stood by the final results.

He said many who lost their seats or who did not get elected were upset and angry but ‘a vote is a vote’.

This has caused the party to postpone the BP meeting to Monday.

On Monday, one elected member of the BP, Reza Uteem, was absent, causing rumours of rift within the party following the BP elections.

The major surprise was that Madan Dulloo also failed to garner support, and did not get elected as a BP member.

But the party leadership might co-opt Dulloo in the BP soon, though there is no timeline on when that may happen.

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