MMM-MSM talks: Alliance after general elections?

La réintégration de SAJ dans la politique après avoir servi comme Président est un désastre

The MMM and the MSM have decided they will ally after the next general elections, though there is still a chance of an alliance that could be formed to fight the elections against the Labour-PMSD alliance.

This came out after the Nov 26 talks between Paul Berenger and Sir Aneerood Jugnauth.

In any of the circumstances, the MMM will lead the coalition or the alliance and Paul Berenger will be the candidate for the Prime Minister’s post while the current PM Pravind Jugnauth will be the deputy PM.

Berenger will also hold the post of PM and Minister of Finance, though SAJ insisted that Pravind should keep the Finance post while he takes on the deputy PM post.

The other details of the alliance are as follows: MMM 35 seats, MSM 25 seats.

The MSM tried to strike a deal in which it will have a 30-30 seat allocation but the MMM’s leader refused such an arrangement.

Berenger is now insisting that the MMM will go alone in any elections, but he is actually waiting for SAJ to get back on him on the above deal.

Once the MSM agrees that the MMM will be the lead party in the event of an alliance between them to face the next GE, the MMM will then position Paul Berenger as the country’s future PM.

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