MMM in search for winning formula: Back to 1976?

The MMM is still struggling to find a winning formula to face the next General Elections, alone.

It is now re-looking at the 1976 attempt to take power, working on a formula that can possibly give it an edge.

In 1976, the MMM had Sir Aneerood Jugnauth as President and Paul Raymond Berenger as the Secretary-General.

The MMM did fairly well winning the elections. But it was outplayed by a sudden post-election alliance between the Labour Party and the PMSD.

This time around, the MMM thinks it might just repeat the same performance.

Strong currents within the party and outside the party are suggesting that the MMM should catapult firebrand and long-time MMM figure Madan Dulloo as its president.

The post of the Sec-Gen should then go to Paul Berenger.

In this scenario, the MMM can have a solid fighting chance.

It might just be able to repeat the unexpected, given that the MMM is said to be weaker than ever at this moment.

Dulloo is still a force to reckon with in the villages. t

With the current state of affairs at the Ministry of Agriculture, Dulloo can make a comeback.

The current government is abandoning the group of small planters.

This group forms a large political potential for any political party that has the right man and the right policies.

This is where Dulloo is expected to play an important role for the MMM.

Dulloo won an honest 10th place in the CC’s elections, which saw Berenger clinching the top post.

It also saw Berenger’s daughter landing a top 5 position. She is expected to be given a chance to join the Political Bureau of the MMM soon.

However, it is Dulloo’s induction within the BP that will be the event to follow.

Dulloo was instrumental in the transformation of the agricultural sector in Mauritius. He was eventually revoked by Sir Aneerood Jugnauth after he refused to sign off on a deal.

This month will see a repeat of this deal at St Antoine, in the north of the country. 

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