Pravind says no to MMM alliance

A gambit by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth it is.

The PM showed he had teeth and was ready to take on the political scene with grit. 

He has recently declared to some foreign agencies he did not want an alliance with the MMM.

People close to the agency in New Delhi said Jugnauth is confident the first May rally was a success.

However, the PM believes the rally would trigger support.

Apparently, Mr Jugnauth told people close to his circle and those in the foreign agency the MSM will fight alone.

On the other hand, recent attacks from Paul Berenger, the MMM leader, against Mr Jugnauth has not helped.

This, added to the perception that the Vaish community is behind him, has propelled Mr Jugnauth to believe he is ‘village-ready’.

The MSM is promoting an image of the party that is acting against the ‘drug’ mafia in towns.

Using this as his basis, Mr Jugnauth now believes the good response from village folks will help his party beat the Labour Party.

The Labour is facing its own woes with its leadership struggle and the refusal from Dr Navin Ramgoolam to quit as leader.

Albeit, the ramification of this leadership struggle is obvious across the villages.

Various components and ethnic groups form part of the Hindu community. They support various political organisations. 

Some of the Vaish support is shifting from the Labour party to the MSM in some constituencies, WFTV was told.

Indeed, Mr Pravind, we are told, believes the recent visits of Indian officials has helped his regime.

“The fact that India has pledged 100% financial support to his regime will help him among the Hindus. 

“It is on this basis that Jugnauth believes his gambit will pay,” said a source to WFTV.

Nevertheless, the source said the MSM is not the biggest party in the villages though.

True to say that the Labour and the MMM have their own share of the vote bank in the villages.

The Labour holds the upper hand in popularity in the villages but the MMM still has its fair share of Hindu voters.

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