Parallel police in action with direct links to government house

The regular police force is on the sideline by a parallel police force that has direct links to the government house

Mauritius has a new police department which is acting as a new police force. It has direct links to the government house, a source said to WFTV.

The source says to WFTV the group of 50-60 recruits has a Deputy Commissioner of Police as its head. He is positioning himself to take over as CP soon.

This parallel police force is poking its nose in all aspects of police work. They are looking into the Criminal Investigation Department and the National Intelligence Unit as well as the work done by regular police.

This is the same anti-robbery squad with a humble origin, it is now a fabulous force that has more power than the regular policemen.

With the direct links to the government house, it has hardened into a powerful force. Their shadowy presence frightens the regular policemen.

The source told WFTV the parallel force is apparently doing the job of spying on the other police departments. It was created to look into loopholes in the investigations in robberies and other crimes but has since then been roped in to become a more ‘serious’ force.

The regular police force is impeded in its actions due to the shadowy character of the parallel force, we are told.

“That is because they have more powers than the regular police. They are nosey and frightens the regular police force.” the source said.

Is the powerful force also a counter-government force. Given the nature of politics in Mauritius?

“It has links to the top people in the government house. They gather all sorts of information for the political leaders. It is very powerful. Its use can change for anything that suits the government in the future,” said the source.

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