Jeeha out: Party to strengthen roots with Dulloo

Youtube Screen Grab of Jeeha with A. Guness and Berenger

In a very expected move, Pradeep Jeeha, once a Paul Berenger loyalist has taken leave from the political bureau of the MMM.

Jeeha, in a correspondence to Berenger, said an ‘unhealthy state of affairs’ has gripped the party.

However, WFTV reported last year that Jeeha failed in a bid to take over the party as party leader.

This accelerated his downfall, says observers to WFTV.

While Jeeha played out the sanctions on Steven Obeegadoo, his quitting is more about his lacklustre performance.

Jeeha also said the party has now a triumvirate that is running the show, namely Berenger himself, Ajay Gunness and Reza Uteem.

Jeeha explained his disdain over the sidelining from the party leadership role.

He said the triumvirate insulted the collective intelligence of other members.

WFTV reported that Jeeha was on the way out of the MMM.

His BP resignation is a sign that this is happening soon.

We also said he is in talks with the Labour Party leadership to cross over if he gets a leadership role.

Jeeha has failed to get himself elected over time in various elections in the country.

Grassroot members accused him of leading the party to chaos in the villages where the MMM had sufficient strength in the past.

This role is now led by MMM stalwart Madan Dulloo who is doing a unification job among various MMM factions.

In particular, Mr Dulloo is seen as a powerful force among planters in some specific areas in the villages in Mauritius.

The consolidation job of the MMM is thus well underway with the self-ejection of Jeeha from party posts.

The MMM has always proven that it can rebuild its power base.

Despite losing through the departures or the removal of top notch and high flying MP’s, the party soldiered on.

This has happened during the party’s rich history of breakups and breakdowns.

Several MMM leaders born within the party has left over time.

Some after falling out with the party leadership, others by betraying the struggle.

In many cases, history proved them wrong.

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