With plane still missing, is the focus on the pilot of MH370 again?

Ocean Infinity has nothing to show, thus it is time to look at the dismissed theories on the fatal MH370 flight.

And one of the less spoken theories is about the famous Inmarsat satellite data published by the Malaysian government in 2014.

There is also the “pings” allegedly from black boxes which refer to underwater sounds.

The Inmarsat “handshakes” refer to satellite transmissions, and both *can* be referred to as pings.

The whole search history for the missing aeroplane was based on the ping or handshake received by the Inmarsat satellite.

And these were consistent with what was officially said to be from the MH370’s black boxes.

But last month, The Australian newspaper said the following: “Everything points to captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah hijacking his own aircraft, flying it to the end and ditching it to disappear it farther southwest than the first search covered.”

The newspaper said the flight pattern – with the plane making a turn towards Penang Island – is evidence someone was flying the plane in that direction.

It said had it been otherwise, the plane would have continued in its path to Beijing instead.

It was apparent this aircraft was under the control of a highly qualified person, otherwise the aircraft would have flown itself to the programmed destination, Beijing, which means someone reprogrammed the flight management system computers,” said the paper.

The writer of the article in the Australian queried why did the ATSB  plan the survey area based on an end-of-flight scenario of unresponsive pilots when the mass of circum­stantial evidence pointed to Zaharie having hijacked his own aircraft?

If Ocean Infinity ends its search for the plane without any findings, it will spark more conspiracy theories.

But the point is whether the search country – Malaysia – should start looking into other theories instead?

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