PM Pravind remains unfazed, leads country in celebrations

PM Pravind Jugnauth successfully lead the celebrations in Mauritius for the country’s 5oth independence anniversary.

This is a new era in the country’s history.

The younger Jugnauth’s name is now engraved in history, successfully leading these celebrations.

The son of Aneerood Jugnauth the man who changed Mauritius 1n the 1980’s, overcame many challenges.

The latest in these pitfalls is the challenge by the President not to quit her post before the celebrations.

But signs are that the President is facing isolation.

Mauritius has had a long history of squabbling over the presidency and the executive arm of the country.

Elected by the Parliament, the President has very limited powers.

But it is not as easy for anyone to get rid of them.

Sir Aneerood Jugnauth resigned from the Presidency after his party entered a verbatim agreement with the MMM.

That was prior to the 2014 General Elections.

The MMM and MSM failed to strike an electoral deal.

This subsequently lead the MSM to form its own rag-tag alliance.

The Alliance Le Pep went on to win big in the 2014 polls, defeating the MMM and the Labour alliance.

The wide margin of victory the Alliance Le Pep enjoyed in 2014 kept it in power amid a plethora of scandals.

What is commendable however to local observers, is the way PM Jugnauth headed his team.

Despite the crises piling against his regime, and pressures from ‘friendly nations’, Pravind did not flinch.

But the price may be too big to pay for the MSM as it prepares its troops for the next GE.

The elections are expected to be held by next year, however, there are still intense pressures for earlier polls.

Observers noted the cold reception the President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim received from the Indian PresidentRam Nath Kovind.

Kovind is the Chief Guest at the celebrations.

Gurib-Fakim became infamous in the eyes of the Indians after her singing performance in Pakistan.

Nevertheless, it the Gurib-Fakim test that will shape the future of the Jugnauth regime.

Will the Prime Minister succumb to the perceived resistance from the President to resign?

What will be the next move by Pravind? Will he press on with the Cabinet’s decision to impeach the President?

The outcome of his decision will only be made clear if the President finally resigns under pressure!

It is only then that we will see the maturity of the current regime in power in Mauritius.

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