Game over in the rise and fall of the first woman President-elect


We are witnessing the rise and fall of the first woman president-elect of Mauritius.

And we believe there is a fine lining to it.

In this time in the new century, it is harder to get rid of elected reps.

This is due to the high-level abuses of power that has gripped many nations.

But tiny Mauritius has proven that a strict observance of the law might just be the needed principle.

And this is a first step forward.

The news that Ameenah Gurib-Fakeem is on her way out resonated in many countries.

From Africa to Europe the news on Mauritius is about the Mauritian President resigning.

In Southeast Asia, a land which is rarely concerned about Mauritius, the news rattled across.

The biodiversity scientist was elected after much wrangling between the government and a sitting President.

Catapulted to the post after the untimely resignation of the sitting President, Kailash Purryag in 2015, now it is her time.

She is catapulted out of the hot seat.

This time by a Cabinet move towards impeachment.

Relatively unknown on the political scene, she has now made a name for herself as the first elected woman president to resign.

Embroiled in the Alvaro Sobrino alleged financial scandal, she survived for one year before the sudden fall.

Her fall is due to another scandal linked to the Sobrino group.

The Platinum card from the PEI foundation proved too much for Gurib-Fakim.

In Singapore, observers are aghast that an S$30,000 issue could bring down an elected representative.

They, however, understand that based on the strict rule of transparency and governance, it was inevitable.

Mauritius still has the reputation of being steadfast in such cases, but the resistance of the ruling party is damning.

The coalition in power, tarnished by a series of scandals, remains in power.

But its majority in Parliament and MP’s clinging on to power make them invincible.

Not for long says some.

But others believe that it will survive until 2019.

As for Gurib-Fakim, it was a rough ride throughout for her.

While she still has the support of some in the government the game is over!

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