Deotam Santokhee emerges as potential Presidential hopeful

Mr Deotam Santokhee, a former advisor to MMM’s leader Paul Berenger, is the latest name to emerge as a Presidential candidate.

The vetting is ongoing within the government for the President to relinquish her post.

But the MSM is also looking at the next person who will replace the President.

WFTV said Dharam Gokhool is one of the candidates and he has a good chance of getting the job.

However, there are two currents that have emerged within the ruling MSM, after the meeting between the PM and the President.

One current is in favour of Gokhool while another is in favour of Santokhee.

Santokhee was active within the MMM at a period in time when the former deputy PM Harish Boodhoo was the strong man in Mauritius.

Boodhoo is said to have acted against some some specific groups of the Hindu community at that time.

Large sections of the Ravived group were also supportive of the MMM.

Nevertheless, as an advisor to the MMM Santokhee was instrumental in helping the party retain part of its Hindu support.

The latest information from Port Louis is that Mrs Ameenah Gurib-Fakim is not budging from her post.

The Parliament may decide soon on a motion of no-confidence against her.

Our sources say the motion has gained traction among a majority of MP’s.

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