A sizzling plot for the Parliament to enact pro-Lgbt laws!

It is a sizzling plot that has now been unearthed after the Lgbt march was cancelled last week in Port Louis.

Among the major actors of the plot are the Lgbt leaders, high officials in Mauritius, a couple of Foreign Embassies and the not so rowdy Muslim crowd at Places d’Armes.

And they benefited from the free run in the local media that is pressing so hard to get the ‘Muslim’ leaders of the rally to go behind bars.

The plot was exposed yesterday after the police summoned what they call the leader of the Muslim demonstrators, one Javed Meetoo, for questioning.

Meetoo is a well-known figure in the police and secret services in Mauritius.

He was the star of a scathing article on how Mauritius was turning into a ‘jihadi’ paradise last year.

Said to be the most dangerous man in Mauritius due to his pro-Islamic State rants, Meetoo also the most watched man in the country.

Five long days for the police to bring Meetoo in?

However, the police took five days to decide whether to interrogate him or not for his noisy participation in the anti-gay rally in Port Louis.

Meetoo was easily discernible at the rally, wearing an ISIS logo on a headband. 

While many Muslims dissociated themselves from Meetoo, he was indeed instrumental to get the rally going.

That is why he was the very first person of interest called by the police to give his statement.

However, the police did not find any reason to either arrest him or charge him with the crimes that the pro-Lgbt leadership accused the Muslim crowd of.

Rumours are the Lgbt chief Pauline Server a foreigner who is given far more protection by the local police – who are paid from public funds – than she deserves, 

WFTV learned that the police action on Thursday was only done after Server gave her own version of facts to the local police at the police HQ.

Hence, it was probably not a unilateral and independent police action, but one was taken after peer pressure from the Lgbt grouping. Or was it always within the sizzling plot to have police to take action but it backfired somehow?

If that has not uncovered the plot for the readers by now, then read on:

Back to Meetoo

With the accusations of a stack of weapons and intent to cause bodily harm by Verner were dismissed, the police decided to give him a tap on the wrist for an illegal assembly.

But the police did not tackle Verner for tarnishing the image of the country with her wild accusations of Mauritians trying to destabilise their own nation?

The police are certainly too lenient and biased towards the Lgbt organisation but it has a hidden agenda.

Walk with us on this situation. 

  1. Foreign Embassies supporting a foreign-based entity with foreign leaders to get a gay-pride parade to run in the streets of Port Louis
  2. Muslims are suddenly upset with a post on Facebook saying the Creator is Gay
  3. The post is not removed by the Facebook site admin
  4. But the Lgbt group leader denies having anything to do with it
  5. The police did not investigate the posting on the Facebook page – unusual indeed
  6. However, Meetoo is said to have pressed forward with the anti-gay rally

Who were to gain more with the anti-gay rally?

Only one group were to gain with the anti-gay rally. The Lgbt group indeed.

And the players in this affair played it so well that now the Mauritius government will definitely press forward with pro-Lgbt legislations.

The idea, we are told, is to pass legislation that will make it legal for the Lgbt groups to organise their marches and other activities on Mauritius soil.

Despite protests from Muslims and other anti-gay groups, the anti-gay rally on Saturday has boosted the support for the Lgbt group in the country.

The rally became rowdy at some point when pro-Lgbt bouncers and one of the Lgbt leaders deliberately confronted the Muslims at Place d’Armes.

This caused a raucous and the police were seen to be forced into ‘securing’ the pro-Lgbt personnel away from the ‘rowdy’ crowd chanting Allah O Akbar.

The plot was successful. The innocents got caught in the crosshairs of a sizzling plot to turn Mauritius into a pro-Lgbt nation.

The police are moving forward with its plans to interrogate more people soon, and the report will be tabled to the relevant Ministries.

Without the report of the threats against the Lgbt spokesperson and death threats, there will be no reason for the police to interrogate the Muslim actors.

From there, the politicians – who worked behind the scene to make use of the Muslim crowd to achieve the Lgbt goal – will act accordingly.

That is they will convey the Parliament to debate and vote on the pro-Lgbt laws, perhaps by the next session?

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