Why Pravind must embrace the Muslim pride over the Lgbt issue

This weekend we saw a flurry of attacks against Muslims on social media in Mauritius.

The attack surged after a large group of Muslims ‘armed’ with their faith showed their opposition to a Lgbt march in Port Louis.

This is the first time the Muslims of all ages were upset over the Lgbt. The Lgbt group grew intolerant against the sensitivities of the Mauritian society.

Half of the holy month of Ramadan falls in the month of June. It is a sacred month for the Muslims. But the Lgbt chiefs – foreigners with little respect for the Muslims – decided to press on in their offensive.

A group of Muslims raised their voices a week ago to the authorities about the potential conflict that this situation represented.

But the police had other thoughts. They were succumbing to internal and international pressures to ‘protect’ the march of the minority group.

Watch the video here of a Muslim group making a police report against a blasphemous anti-Islam posting on Facebook. Police took no action!

They failed to take action against defamatory postings on Facebook that had the hallmarks of anti-Islamic rhetoric.

This inflamed the Muslims. The Muslims are Mauritian citizens. They are not a terror group. But the authorities and the Prime Minister ignored their plight.

The authorities with the PM at the top decided to listen to the plight of two foreign but very powerful women: Pauline Verner (who lied about the Muslims in a video) and one Diamond Lil (who has strong foreign support within some local western Embassies in Port Louis).

See the video in which Pauline Verner making a false accusation – thus defaming the local police that protected her –  and she gets away with it:

And yet, the PM and his cabinet allowed themselves to be bent by the foreign powers!

It is clear that ‘occult forces’ still has the sway in Mauritian affairs and the way the Lgbt pride story turned out is evidence of the weakness of our democracy in the wake of such ‘Western’ pressures.

What the Mauritian-Muslims did were to enforce our democratic principle. That is to defend their right to express their support to Islam when the authorities failed to protect them.

It all started when a member of the Lgbt community posted a very blasphemous post on the Radio Plus group on Facebook.

But there was no official communiqué from any government leaders condemning the blasphemous post.

The police also failed to reassure the Muslims that they will act against the blasphemous post.

Altogether, not a single Lgbt leader dared to say anything to condemn such postings.

Watch a police officer explaining to Muslims how Islam is defensive, not offensive and the Muslims (sitting on the ground mostly, agrees in unison. Note: the police officers did not see any weapons cache as said by Lgbt chief Verner)

No official conflict management mechanism was put in place to calm down things.

Social pressure lead to a temporary cancellation of the march by the Lgbt group.

But diplomatic pressure won over the faith and sensitivity in the country. The authorities allowed the march to go on, in a never-ending twist.

It is clear that intense pressure were coming from outside sources given the fact that the Lgbt group was headed by two foreign women

Watch the video of the peaceful protest of the Muslims, but observe carefully the reinforced police presence to protect the Lgbt group headed by foreign subversive elements. Is this Mauritius? This shows that our democracy is hijacked by foreign-Western terrorist groups!

A few hundred Muslims had to risk their freedom and peace of mind during the blessed month of Ramadan to make the voice of the community heard.

This is very disappointing from the government and its police who failed to guarantee the Muslim majority city centre of Port Louis a quiet Ramadan.

We understand that the Lgbt community benefits far more than their contribution to the economy.

They get more than generous attention from the media,

The CSR Funds and some major businesses are in support of the – largely – minority group.

The Muslim community today must take note but also react to this situation through an economic boycott.

But most importantly, Pravind Jugnauth, the PM of the country must show that he does not disregard the Muslims.

But the Muslim community here, being Mauritians, are forgiving and caring. The PM should know that since he lived among them for decades!

But where are our MPs? Muslim MPs anywhere? This is about Muslim pride!

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