Muslim, Jewish outrage against Swedish call for ban of circumcision


A Swedish party voted for a ban of circumcision of boys in the absence of a medical reason, sparking an outcry and outrage among Muslims and Jews

And the leader of Sweden’s Centre Party Annie Lööf said she “regrets” the party vote taken during the party’s annual meeting.

This means, if the proposal becomes reality, that it will be completely impossible to live as a Jew or a Muslim in Sweden.”

Aron Verständig, chairperson of The Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities

But the party did not vote in favour of the removal of restrictions on blood donations from gay and bisexual men but accepted a resolution to recognise a third gender.

The decision on circumcision, taken by party commissioners, went against the official party line.

The Centre Party is not in government, but is part of a four-party deal, along with the Liberal Party, which allows the centre-left Social Democrats and Green Party to govern.

Despite the 314 to 166 votes against circumcision, the party’s final decision was that it should work to ban all non-medical circumcisions of boys and not support a total ban on circumcision.

Such a ban would amount to a narrowing of religious freedom in the country.

Mohamed Temsamani, president of the United Islamic Associations in Sweden and a former politician

Confusing? They vote to ban what Muslims and Jews cherish and believes is a ‘healthy’ issue but the party end up not supporting the vote! Democracy?

Following the meeting, party vice-chairman Anders W Jonsson told the media and as reported by The Local, “This was not a decision that the party leadership wanted.”

He said that those who called for a ban on circumcision were focused on child rights and the debate had not been related to religion.

“This isn’t something we plan to write a motion on,” said Lööf on Sunday.

The good news for the Muslims and the Jews is no other party would support such a policy or any other kind of ban or restriction, although the Green Party described male circumcision as “problematic”.

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