Bohsia at fourteen

Bohsia at fourteen

~while buying roti canai~
Sandwiched between two rocky guys on a battered old kapchai
cheap perfume mingling with a week sweat of bundle sale jeans
passing by a kopitiam
(don’t they use that word everywhere now?)
a few elderly man in pelikats and kopiahs
paying homage to mamak teh tarik
sending signals through each other eyes
who dare to ask ‘anak siapa tu?’ (whose child is that?)
the tea is getting cold
over a heated argument
of the sacred word Allah.

Malay Mail dubbed Mawar Marzuki as ‘a social critic’ based on her poetry who always critic her

This poetry was written as the issue of some Muslim parties who protested the usage of the
word “Allah” in Malaysia churches.

Published in her Anthology ..Ajarkan Kami Berpuisi or translated as Teach Us How to Write Poetry

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