THE MAN AND THE WIND Mawar Marzuki (Malaysia)

The wind whispered into the man’s ears
“O man!
Stop racing with me
The competition has started too long ago
Since Eve plucked the forbidden fruit
And fed it into Adam’s gluttonous mouth

Without halting the man answered
“O wind
The whispers that left your mouth are obscure
You are not my adversary
Let alone my brother!”

With rage, the wind extracts a turbine of sands
And whirl pooled it into the man’s sight
The man heaped piles and piles of sands
Trapping the wind in a hexagon of heat
Not realising , he himself
Is trapped by his own foolhardy

The man and the wind
Keep on racing
Not reflecting
“Who is going to win?

*Writtten and performed at 38 th World Poet Congress in Mongolia August 2017
Published in- 1) Anthology of 38 th World Poet Congress-2)Poems of the World USA Autumn release

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